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To Imitate Jesus, Be . . .

To Imitate Jesus, Be . . .


As a perfect man, Jesus did not experience many of the distresses and concerns that other humans did. Yet he showed deep feeling for people. He was willing to go out of his way for them, to do things beyond what might have seemed necessary. Yes, compassion moved him to help others. Reflect on the examples in Chapters 32, 37, 57, 99.


People of all ages​—young and old—​felt that they could approach Jesus because he did not have an air of aloofness or superiority. Sensing Jesus’ personal interest in them, people felt at ease in his presence. To note this, see Chapters 25, 27, 95.


Jesus regularly turned to his Father in earnest prayer, privately and when with true worshippers. He prayed on many occasions, not only at mealtimes. He prayed to thank his Father, to praise him, and to seek his direction before making serious decisions. Consider the examples found in Chapters 24, 34, 91, 122, 123.


At times when he could have benefited from some needed rest and relaxation, Jesus still put himself out for others. He did not have a me-first attitude. In this too, he provided a model that we can follow closely. Study how that model is reflected in Chapters 19, 41, 52.


Jesus did more than teach about the need to be forgiving​—he demonstrated forgiveness in dealing with his disciples and others. Meditate on examples found in Chapters 26, 40, 64, 85, 131.


It was foretold that most Jews would refuse to accept the Messiah and that his enemies would kill him. So Jesus could easily have been self-sparing in what he did for people. Instead, he zealously promoted true worship. He set an example of zeal for all his followers who face indifference or even opposition. See Chapters 16, 72, 103.


Jesus was superior to imperfect humans in countless ways, such as in knowledge and wisdom. His perfection undoubtedly gave him physical and mental abilities beyond what anyone around him had. Yet he humbly served others. You will find lessons about this in Chapters 10, 62, 66, 94, 116.


Jesus consistently showed patience with his apostles and others when they failed to imitate his example or apply what he said. He patiently repeated lessons that they needed so that they could draw closer to Jehovah. Reflect on examples of Jesus’ patience in Chapters 74, 98, 118, 135.