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Jesus’ Final Ministry

“Your king is coming to you.”​—Matthew 21:5

Jesus’ Final Ministry



A Meal at Simon’s House in Bethany

Mary, the sister of Lazarus, does something that stirs controversy, but Jesus defends her.


The King Enters Jerusalem on a Colt

He fulfills a five-hundred-year-old prophecy.


The Temple Cleansed Again

The merchants in Jerusalem seem to be conducting legitimate business, so why does Jesus call them robbers?


The Jews Hear God’s Voice​—Will They Show Faith?

Is there a difference between putting faith in Jesus and acting on that faith?


A Fig Tree Is Used to Teach a Lesson About Faith

Jesus teaches his disciples about the power of faith and explains the reason why God is rejecting the nation of Israel.


Two Illustrations About Vineyards

Find out the meaning of the parables of the man who asked his sons to work in his vineyard and of the man who leased his vineyard to evil cultivators.


A King Calls Those Invited to a Marriage Feast

Jesus’ parable is actually a prophecy.


Jesus Thwarts Attempts to Entrap Him

He silences first the Pharisees, then the Sadducees, and finally a coalition of his opposers.


Denouncing Religious Opposers

Why does Jesus not show tolerance of religious differences?


Jesus’ Final Day at the Temple

He uses the example of a poor widow to teach a powerful lesson.


The Apostles Ask for a Sign

His prophecy had an initial fulfillment during the first century. Could it also have a later, larger fulfillment?


A Lesson in Vigilance​—The Virgins

Did Jesus teach that half of his disciples are foolish and the other half are discreet?


A Lesson in Diligence​—The Talents

Jesus’ parable explains his statement: “To everyone who has, more will be given.”


Christ in Power Judges the Sheep and the Goats

Using a striking parable, Jesus explains the basis for everlasting judgment.


Jesus’ Final Passover Approaches

Why is it significant that the religious leaders agree to pay Judas exactly 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus?


Teaching Humility at the Last Passover

He surprises the apostles by performing a slave’s task.


The Lord’s Evening Meal

Jesus establishes a memorial that his followers are to hold each year on Nisan 14.


A Dispute Over Greatness

The apostles have already forgotten the lesson that Jesus taught earlier the same evening.


Jesus​—The Way, the Truth, the Life

Jesus teaches a powerful truth about how to approach God.


Bearing Fruit as Branches and Being Jesus’ Friends

In what way do Jesus’ disciples “bear fruit”?


“Take Courage! I Have Conquered the World”

How can Jesus have conquered the world if the world executed him?


Jesus’ Concluding Prayer in the Upper Room

He makes clear that he accomplished something far more important than bringing salvation to humans.


Praying When Deeply Grieved

Why does Jesus pray: “Remove this cup from me”? Is he backing away from his role to die as a ransom?


Christ Is Betrayed and Arrested

Judas is able to find Jesus even though it is in the middle of the night.


Jesus Is Taken to Annas, Then to Caiaphas

The trial of Jesus is a travesty of justice.


Denials at the House of Caiaphas

How could Peter, a man of faith and devotion, so quickly turn his back on Jesus?


Tried by the Sanhedrin, Then On to Pilate

The Jewish religious leaders reveal their true intentions.


Found Innocent by Both Pilate and Herod

Why does Pilate send Jesus to Herod for judgment? Does Pilate not have the authority to judge Jesus?


Pilate Proclaims: “Look! The Man!”

Even Pilate acknowledges the sterling qualities that Jesus displays.


Jesus Is Handed Over and Led Away to Die

Why does Jesus tell the grieving women to weep for themselves and for their children rather than for him?


An Innocent King Suffers on the Stake

Jesus makes a far-reaching promise to one of the criminals executed with him.


“Certainly This Man Was God’s Son”

The miraculous daytime darkness, earthquake, and rending of the temple curtain all point to one conclusion.


Jesus’ Body Is Prepared and Buried

Why is there such urgency to bury Jesus before sunset?


An Empty Tomb, Because Jesus Is Alive!

After he is resurrected, Jesus first reveals himself to a female disciple rather than to his apostles.


The Resurrected Jesus Appears to Many

How does Jesus prove to his disciples that he has been resurrected?


On the Shore of the Sea of Galilee

Three times, Peter is reminded of how he can prove his love for Jesus.


Hundreds See Him Prior to Pentecost

Between his resurrection and his ascension to heaven, Jesus repeatedly stresses to his disciples what they would receive and how they should use it.


Christ at God’s Right Hand

What would Jesus do while awaiting the time to take action against his enemies?


Jesus Brings Paradise and Finishes His Assignment

He still has much to do before he hands over the Kingdom to his God and Father.