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Jesus’ Later Ministry in Judea

“Beg the Master of the harvest to send out workers.”​—Luke 10:2

Jesus’ Later Ministry in Judea



In Jerusalem for the Festival of Tabernacles

What could make those listening to Jesus believe that he was demon-possessed?


“Never Has Any Man Spoken Like This”

Practically the entire Jewish high court opposes Jesus, but one member dares to speak in his behalf.


“The Light of the World”​—The Son of God

Jesus said that “the truth will set you free.” Free from what?


Their Father​—Abraham or the Devil?

Jesus discusses how to identify the children of Abraham, as well as who his Father really is.


Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

The disciples ask why a man was born blind. Did he sin? Did his parents sin? People’s reactions are mixed when Jesus heals the man.


Pharisees Confront Man Who Was Blind

The logic of the former blind man enrages the Pharisees. Just as his parents had feared, the Pharisees expel him from the synagogue.


Jesus Sends 70 Disciples to Preach

In Judea, Jesus sends out 70 disciples as Kingdom proclaimers in teams of two. Where are the disciples to find people to preach to—in the synagogues or in people’s homes?


A Samaritan Proves to Be a Real Neighbor

How does Jesus use the parable of the neighborly Samaritan, or the “good Samaritan,” to teach a powerful lesson?


Lessons About Hospitality and Prayer

Jesus visits Mary and Martha at their home. What does he teach them about hospitality? And how does he later teach his disciples what to pray for?


Jesus Reveals the Source of Happiness

Jesus answers his critics, telling them about “the finger of God” and about how the Kingdom of God has overtaken them. He also reveals how people can find true happiness.


Dining With a Pharisee

Jesus exposes the religious hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees. What heavy loads do they pressure people to carry?


Jesus Gives Counsel About Riches

Jesus gives an illustration of a rich man who built bigger storehouses. What counsel does he repeat about the dangers of seeking wealth?


Keep Ready, Faithful Steward!

Jesus expresses his interest in the spiritual well-being of his disciples. What role would a steward play in their spiritual well-being? Why is the counsel to keep ready so important?


Why Destruction Is Ahead

Jesus says that those he is trying to help will be in line for destruction if they don’t repent. Will they learn the important lesson that Jesus tries to teach them about their standing with God?


The Fine Shepherd and the Sheepfolds

The relationship of a shepherd and his sheep well illustrates how Jesus feels about his disciples. Will they recognize his teachings and follow his lead?


One With the Father, But Not God

Some of Jesus’ critics accuse him of making himself equal to God. How does he masterfully refute their false charges?