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A Young Girl Lives Again!

A Young Girl Lives Again!

MATTHEW 9:18, 23-26 MARK 5:22-24, 35-43 LUKE 8:40-42, 49-56


Jairus sees that the woman with the flow of blood was healed by Jesus. Surely, Jesus can help his daughter too, though he feels that ‘by now his daughter must be dead.’ (Matthew 9:18) Could it be that she can still be helped?

While Jesus is still speaking with the woman he has healed, some men arrive from Jairus’ home and tell him: “Your daughter died!” They add: “Why bother the Teacher any longer?”​—Mark 5:35.

What devastating news! This man, so highly respected in the community, is now completely helpless. His only daughter has died. Jesus, however, overhears the report, and turning to Jairus, he says encouragingly: “Have no fear, only exercise faith.”​—Mark 5:36.

Jesus then accompanies Jairus back to his home. On arriving, they find a great commotion. Those who have gathered there are weeping, wailing, and beating themselves in grief. Jesus steps inside and makes the startling statement: “The child has not died but is sleeping.” (Mark 5:39) On hearing this, the people laugh at Jesus. They know that the girl really is dead. Yet, using his God-given powers, Jesus will show that it is possible for people to be brought back from death just as they can be awakened from a deep sleep.

Jesus now sends everyone outside except for Peter, James, John, and the dead girl’s parents. Jesus takes these five with him and goes to where the girl is lying. Taking her by the hand, he says: “‘Talʹi·tha cuʹmi,’ which, when translated, means: ‘Little girl, I say to you, “Get up!”’” (Mark 5:41) Immediately, she rises and begins walking. Imagine the ecstasy that Jairus and his wife feel on seeing this! Providing further evidence that the girl really is alive, Jesus directs that she be given something to eat.

On earlier occasions, Jesus ordered those whom he healed not to publicize what he had done for them, and he does so again with these parents. Nevertheless, the delighted parents and others spread the news “into all that region.” (Matthew 9:26) Would you not talk about it excitedly if you had seen one of your loved ones raised from the dead? This is the second recorded resurrection Jesus performs.