Proverbs 7:1-27

7  My son, be careful of what I sayand lay up my commands in your mind. 2  Be careful of my commands and live;and of my teaching as if of the apple of your eye. 3  Tie them to your fingers;write them on the tablet of your heart. 4  Say to wisdom “you are my sister,”and call discretion a relative, 5  To guard you from a stranger woman,from a foreigner that talks slippery language. 6  For I looked out of my house window,through my lattice, 7  And I saw among the simpletons,perceived among the youngsters,a brainless boy 8  Going along the street that went by her cornerand stepping in the direction of her house 9  In the twilight, the evening hours,in the dead of night and the murky gloom; 10 * And there coming to meet him was a womanwith a prostitute’s rig and a close heart;— 11  Boisterous and wayward is she,her feet do not perch in her house; 12  Now in the street, now in the squares,and beside every corner she lies in ambush;— 13  And she caught hold of him and kissed him,said to him with a bold face 14 * “I have welfare-sacrifices that must be eaten,I paid my vows today; 15  That was why I came out to meet you,to hunt up your face, and I have found you. 16  I have spread my couch with rugs,striped work of Egyptian yarn, 17  I have sifted myrrh, eaglewood,and cinnamon over my sofa. 18  Come on, we will quaff love till morning,have a gay night with endearments, 19  Because husband is not in the house,he is off on a long journey, 20  He took the moneybag with him;he will get home the day the moon is full.” 21  She swayed him with the thoroughness of her technique,tugged at him with the glibness of her lips— 22 * He suddenly goes along after herlike a steer coming to the slaughter,Or as a buck prances toward a decoy 23  till an arrow cuts open his liver;Like a bird’s hurrying into a trapand not knowing that its life is at stake. 24  Now, sons, hear meand listen to the words of my mouth: 25  Let your hearts not run off into her roads,do not stray along her paths, 26  Because she has stabbed down manyand all her killed are a multitude. 27 * Her paths are roads to the world below,going down to the chambers of death.


7:10 Conj. in a prostitute’s rig, bundled up in a muffler
7:14 Lit. There are welfare-sacrifices on me, I paid
7:22 (last part) Unc.
7:27 Codd. Her house is roads to