Proverbs 10:1-32

10  The Proverbs of Solomon.A wise son gladdens a father,but a foolish son is misery to his mother. 2  A wrong-doer’s hoards do no good,but right-doing delivers from death. 3 * Jehovah will not let a right-doer go hungry,but wrong-doers’ hankering he will balk. 4  He who does things with slack hand grows poor;but energetic men’s hands enrich. 5 * A capable son is stowing things away in summer;a worthless son lies fast asleep in harvesttime. 6  There are blessings for a right-doer’s head,but outrage covers up wrong-doers’ mouths. 7  The memory of a right-doer is for a blessing,but wrong-doers’ names will decay. 8  A man of wise heart takes orders,but a man of ignorant lips makes trouble. 9 * One who walks plainly walks safely,but one who tangles his courses will be shown up. 10  A winker gives woe,but an outspoken reprover brings soundness. 11  An honest man’s mouth is a fountainhead of life;but outrage covers up wrong-doers’ mouths. 12  Hate starts quarrels,but love covers over all offenses. 13  On an intelligent man’s lips wisdom is found;but a cudgel is the thing for a brainless man’s back. 14  Wise men keep knowledge under cover;but an ignorant man’s mouth is ruin close at hand. 15  A rich man’s goods are his strong city;the destitution of poor men is their ruin. 16  What a right-doer has worked on goes for life;a wrong-doer’s produce, for sin. 17 * He who lives up to lessons is on a road to life,but he who ignores admonition is off the track. 18  Lying lips cover up hatred;but he who gives out scandal is a fool. 19  In multiplicity of words offense will not be lacking;but he who keeps his lips under restraint is acting sensibly. 20 * An honest man’s tongue is sterling silver;wrong-doers’ brains are worth little. 21  An honest man’s lips shepherd many;but ignoramuses die by lack of brains. 22 * Jehovah’s blessing is what makes one rich,and pains add nothing extra. 23 * Committing enormity is just fun to a fool,and so is wisdom to an intelligent man. 24  What a wrong-doer stands in terror of is what will come to him;but honest men’s desire will be granted. 25 * When a gale has gone past, a wrong-doer is not there;but an honest man is permanently fixed on his foundation. 26  As is vinegar to the teeth and as is smoke to the eyes,so is the idler to those who send him. 27  The fear of Jehovah adds days;but wrong-doers’ years will be shortened. 28  Right-doers’ prospect is gladness;but wrong-doers’ hope will be lost. 29 * Jehovah is a citadel to a man of conscientious coursebut ruin to villains. 30  A right-doer will be unshaken forever,but wrong-doers will not have a lodgment in the country. 31  A right-doer’s mouth bears crops of wisdom,but a mischief-making tongue will be cut out. 32 * A right-doer’s lips know courtesy,but wrong-doers’ mouths misbehavior.


10:3 Lit. let a right-doer’s appetite go hungry
10:5 (son, twice) Or boy
10:9 (will be shown up) Susp.
10:17 Or is a road to life, but he who ignores admonition misleads Conj. To live up to lessons is a road to life, but to ignore admonition puts one off the track
10:20 Conj. are waste dross
10:22 Lit. add nothing along with it
10:23 Lit. and wisdom to
10:25 Codd.* is a permanent foundation
10:29 Codd.* Jehovah’s course is a citadel to the conscientious man (var. to conscientiousness)
10:32 Var. cultivate courtesy Conj. stream courtesy