Proverbs 1:1-33

1  The proverbs of Solomon the son of David,king of Israel, 2  For knowing wisdom and instruction,for understanding sentences of insight, 3  For getting instruction in the successful practiceof honesty and justice and rectitude, 4  For giving shrewdness to simpletons,knowledge and practicality to a boy, 5  While a wise man hears and adds to his loreand an expert acquires technique; 6  For understanding proverb and paradox,wise men’s words and their riddles. 7  Fear of Jehovah is the first thing in knowledge.Wisdom and instruction ignoramuses despise. 8  Listen, son, to your father’s instruction,and never abandon your mother’s teachings, 9  Because they are a becoming garland for your headand a necklace for your throat. 10  My son, if sinners are inveigling youdo not consent. 11 * If they say “Come with us,let us lay an ambush for bloodshed,set a trap for an innocent man for nothing; 12  We shall swallow them alive like the grave,sound and whole like men going down to the world below; 13  We shall come across all sorts of valuable goods,fill our houses with booty; 14 * You shall get an even split,we will have one purse for all,” 15  My son, do not walk on a road with them,keep your foot off their path, 16  Because their feet are running to eviland hurrying to shed blood. 17  For it is for nothing that the net fluttersbefore the eyes of any bird, 18 * And they are laying ambushes for their own blood,setting traps for their own lives. 19 * Such is the fate of whoever grasps at gain;it takes its owners’ life. 20  Wisdom holloos on the street,sends out her voice in the squares, 21  Calls out at the crowded corners,says her say in the city at the gates, 22  “How long, simpletons, will you love simpleness,and cynics like to be cynical,and fools hate knowledge? 23  You should turn back at my admonition;I would stream my spirit for you,would make my words known to you. 24  Since I have called and you refused,held out my hand and nobody listened, 25  And you neglected my adviceand would not have my admonition, 26  I on my part will laugh at your calamity,will make fun when what you dread comes, 27  When what you dread comes like a thunderstormand your calamity arrives like a gale,when distress and hard straits come upon you; 28  Then they will call me and I will not answer,they will go in quest of me and not find me. 29  Inasmuch as they hated knowledgeand did not choose the fear of Jehovah, 30  Would not have my advice,despised all my admonition, 31  They shall eat out of the fruit of their coursesand have their fill out of their policies, 32  Because simpletons’ broken resolutions kill themand fools’ faith in their luck destroys them. 33  But he who listens to me shall dwell unafraidand be at ease from dread of harm.”


1:11 Lit. hide for an innocent man
1:14 Lit. shall cast your lot among us
1:18 Lit. hiding for their own lives
1:19 Lit. Such are the trails of Var. Such is the future of