Proverbs 15:1-33

15  A soft answer wards off ill temper,but a harsh word brings up anger. 2 * Wise men’s tongues know what is what,but fools’ mouths stream ignorance. 3  Jehovah’s eyes are in every place,keeping a lookout over bad men and good. 4 ** Calmness of tongue is bark from a tree of life,but upsetting in it means a fracture in the spirit. 5  A know-nothing is contemptuous of his father’s training,but one who observes admonition will grow shrewd. 6  A right-doer’s house has in it plenty of capital;but in a wrong-doer’s produce trouble breeds. 7  Wise men’s lips sprinkle knowledge,but fools’ hearts are not right. 8  Wrong-doers’ sacrifice is what Jehovah abominates,but upright men’s prayer is what he accepts. 9  What Jehovah abominates is a wrong-doer’s course;but a pursuer of right he loves. 10  A path-leaver gets hard discipline;a hater of admonition will die. 11  The world of the dead, the land of the gone forever, are present before Jehovah;much more the hearts of human beings. 12  A cynic does not love being admonished;he does not go to wise men. 13  A glad heart does good to the face;but with pain at heart comes a broken-down spirit. 14  A sensible heart hunts up knowledge,but fools’ mouths pasture on ignorance. 15  All a doleful man’s days are bad,but a cheery man is a banquet all the time. 16  Better a little in the fear of Jehovahthan a great store and everything going wrong in it. 17  Better a dish of greens when love is therethan a stall-fed cow and hate about it. 18  A hot-tempered man sets quarrels going,but a patient man quiets a dispute down. 19 * An idler’s path is like a thorn hedge;but downright men’s route is a made road. 20 * A wise son gladdens a father,but a fool despises his mother. 21  Foolishness is bliss to a brainless man,but an intelligent man will go straight. 22  Frustration of plans comes by not going into conference,but by plenty of advisers they will go through. 23 * A man enjoys having given a pat answer;and what a good thing a well-timed word is! 24 * A canny man holds an upward path to life,to shun the realm of death below. 25  Jehovah sweeps off proud men’s house,but sets in place a widow’s boundary-mark. 26 ** A bad man’s ideas are what Jehovah detests,but pure men’s say is delightful. 27  One who grasps at gain is breeding trouble for his house,but one who hates gifts will live. 28  A right-doer’s heart studies to give an answer,but wrong-doers’ mouths stream viciousness. 29  Jehovah is far from wrong-doersbut hears right-doers’ prayer. 30 * Shining eyes gladden a heart,and good news puts fat in one’s bones. 31  An ear that can hear admonition is life;it will harbor itself amid wise men. 32  One who neglects instruction thinks nothing of his own being; but one who listens to admonition is getting brains. 33  Fear of Jehovah is a discipline in wisdom,and humility is antecedent to dignity.


15:2 (know what is what) Lit. are good at knowing Conj. drip knowledge
15:4 Or is a tree of life
15:4 Lit. is a fracture
15:19 Var. but energetic men’s
15:20 Lit. a fool of a man despises
15:23 Lit. A man has gladness by the answer of his mouth
15:24 Lit. has
15:26 Or Plans to do harm are
15:26 Var. delightful say is pure
15:30 Lit. A light of eyes gladdens