Proverbs 18:1-24

18 * An alienated friend hunts for something to wrangle overand flies into a rage at any sane word. 2  A fool has no fancy for good sense,but for venting his ideas. 3 * When wickedness comes in, contempt comes in too;and with despicableness go indignities. 4  The words of a man’s mouth are deep water,the fountain of wisdom a dashing stream. 5  It is not a good thing to allow personal favor to a wrong-doer,giving the go-by to a right-doer in judgment. 6  A fool’s lips bring strifeand his mouth invites pounding. 7  A fool’s mouth is his ruinand his lips a snare for his life. 8 *** A scandalmonger’s words are like the seeping of water,and they run down into the deepest recesses of the body. 9  One who is even slack in his businessis brother to a wrecker. 10 * Jehovah’s name is a tower of shelter;in it an honest man runs in and is out of reach of harm. 11 * A rich man’s goods are his strong cityand as by a wall he is safe from harm by their hedge. 12  Before a crash a man’s thoughts are high,but before honor goes humility. 13 * For one who answers before he hearsthe upshot is irrelevance and humiliation. 14  A man’s spirit weathers his ailment,but who is to carry the load of a broken-down spirit? 15  An intelligent man’s heart gets in knowledgeand wise men’s ears hunt up sound judgment. 16  A man’s gift makes room for himand introduces him before big men. 17  The man who states his case first is all right,but the other party comes in and probes him. 18  The lot puts an end to quarrelsand separates formidable opponents. 19 * A brother is more of a salvation than a strong city,and kinsfolk are equal to castle bars. 20  Out of the fruit of a man’s mouth his stomach will have its fill,and of the produce of his lips he will get all he can hold. 21  Death and life are in the hands of the tongue,and those who love it will eat the fruit of it. 22  Who has found a wife has found a good thingand obtained favor from Jehovah. 23  A poor man talks beseechingly,a rich man answers imperiously. 24 * There are friends for company,and there is such a thing as a loving friend that sticks tighter thana brother.


18:1 Var. A separatist seeks a wish and flies
18:3 Codd.* When a wicked man
18:8 (the seeping of water) Unc.
18:8 Or but they
18:8 Lit. into the chambers of the belly
18:10 Or a tower of strength
18:11 (last half) Codd. and like a towering wall in his figment
18:13 Lit. it is ignorance and humiliation
18:19 Codd. A brother saved (var. injured) is beyond (var. like) a strong city, and quarrels are
18:24 Var. A man of many friends is going to smash (or is so for company’s sake)