Proverbs 3:1-35

3  My son, do not forget my instructions,but let your heart keep my commands, 2 * Because they will add to your length of life,your years of health, and your welfare. 3 * Let friendliness and loyalty never leave you,hang them round your neck, 4  And find favor and a reputation for judiciousnessin the eyes of God and men. 5  Trust in Jehovah with all your heartand do not lean on your own expertness; 6  Along all your courses know himand he will keep your ways straight. 7  Do not feel as if you were wise;fear Jehovah and steer clear of what is bad; 8  It will be medicine for your naveland juice for your bones. 9  Honor Jehovah out of your meansand out of the first of all your produce, 10  And have your barns filled with foodstuffsand your vats bursting with grape-juice. 11  Do not reject Jehovah’s discipline, my son,nor chafe at his correction, 12  Because it is the one Jehovah loves that he correctsand he hurts a son who is acceptable to him. 13  Happy a man who finds wisdomand a person who obtains intelligence, 14  Because it is a better bargain than silver,better revenue than hard gold, 15  It is worth more than coraland all your valuables are no equivalent for it. 16  It has long life in its right hand,riches and honor in its left. 17  Its courses are courses of delightand all its paths are prosperity. 18 * It is bark from a tree of life for those who grasp it,and one who handles it is to be congratulated. 19 * Jehovah laid the foundations of earth by wisdom,fastened up the sky by intelligence; 20 * By his knowledge the deeps were laid openand the heavens shed dew. 21  My son, never let them get away from your eyes;keep sense and judgment; 22  They will make your life vitaland your neck fine. 23 * Then you will go your way confidentlyand your toe will not stub. 24 * If you sit down you will have no dread;you will go to bed and your sleep will be sweet. 25 ** Do not be frightened at what simpletons dread,nor at the storm upon wrong-doers when it comes, 26  For Jehovah will be your relianceand guard your foot from getting caught. 27  Do not withhold a kindness from the one who might receive it when it is in your power to do it. 28  Do not say to your neighbor “Go along, come againand tomorrow I will let you have some” when you have some by you. 29  Do not cook up harm for your neighborwhen he is living with you unsuspiciously. 30  Do not quarrel gratuitously with peopleif they have done you no harm. 31  Do not envy a rapacious mannor choose any of his courses, 32  Because a crook is a thing Jehovah detestsbut upright men stand on intimate terms with him. 33  Jehovah’s malediction is in a wrong-doer’s house,but honest men’s home he blesses. 34 * He treats cynics in cynical fashionbut favors the meek. 35  Wise men come in for glory,but disgrace makes fools conspicuous.


3:2 Lit. add for you length of days and years of aliveness and welfare
3:3 Lit. tie them round
3:18 Or It is a tree of life
3:19 Or organized the sky
3:20 Or were split down
3:23 Lit. your foot will not stub
3:24 Var. If you go to bed
3:25 Codd.* at any sudden dread
3:25 Or the storming of wrong-doers
3:34 Codd. If he treats