Proverbs 14:1-35

14 * Women’s wisdom builds its house,but foolishness is demolishing it with her own hands. 2  He who fears Jehovah goes straightforwardly,but he who despises him takes dodging courses. 3 * In a know-nothing’s mouth there is a switch for his own back, but wise men’s lips guard them safe. 4  With no cattle there is a clean manger,but there is plenty of produce by a horned beast’s strength. 5  A trustworthy witness will not lie,but a false witness breathes lies. 6  A cynic hunts for wisdom and does not find any,but knowledge is an easy thing to a man of sense. 7 * Go face to face with a foolish man,and you have not known lips of knowledge. 8  A shrewd man’s wisdom consists in understanding his course;but the stupidity of fools, in cheating. 9 ** Reprobates’ homes are held guilty,but upright men’s houses are accepted. 10  A heart knows its own grief,and a stranger does not mix in its gladness. 11  Wrong-doers’ house will be rooted out,but upright men’s home will bloom. 12 * There is such a thing as a road that lies smooth before a man but the last part of it is the recesses of death. 13  Even in laughter a heart will feel pain,and the sequel of gladness is sorrow. 14 * A man of recreant heart will have his fill out of his courses, and a good man out of his practices. 15  A simpleton believes every word,but a shrewd man considers his steps. 16  A wise man is afraid and gets out of the way of harm,but a fool is hotheaded and confident. 17  A quick-tempered man acts foolishly,but a practical man bears. 18 * Simpletons come in for an estate of ignorance,but shrewd men crown themselves with knowledge. 19  Bad men are brought low before good menand wrong-doers are at a right-doer’s gates. 20  A poor man is hateful even to his friend;but there are many to love a rich man. 21 * One who despises his neighbor is sinning,but happy is he who shows favor to poverty-stricken men. 22 * Practitioners of evil are on the wrong track indeed,but practitioners of good work in friendship and loyalty. 23  By any hard work there will be a clear profit;but lip-talk comes only to a deficit. 24 * Wise men’s crown is shrewdness,but fools’ garland is foolishness. 25 * A true witness is a lifesaver,but a lie-blower is a disappointment. 26 * In the fear of Jehovah is a strong reliance,and to one’s children that will be a refuge. 27  The fear of Jehovah is a spring of lifefor keeping away from the snares of death. 28  In the numerousness of a people is a king’s majesty,but in lack of folk is a potentate’s ruin. 29 ** A patient man shows great intelligence,but an impatient man conspicuous foolishness. 30 * A placid heart is life in the flesh,but passion is a rot in the bones. 31  One who denies a poor man his rights is insulting him who made him;but he who is honoring him shows favor to a needy one. 32  A rogue is knocked over by his viciousness,but an honest man finds refuge in his conscientious life. 33 * In a sensible man’s heart wisdom rests,but in fools’ bosoms it is known. 34 * Right-doing uplifts a nation,but sin is a disgrace to any folk. 35  A capable official will have a king’s approval,but a worthless one will be his rage.


14:1 Codd.* The wisest women build her house
14:3 Codd. a switch for pride or a sprout of pride
14:7 Susp.
14:9 (reprobates) Unc.
14:9 Var. Guilt mocks ignoramuses but between upright men there is goodwill
14:12 Var. is roads to death
14:14 Codd. and a good man off from him.
14:18 (last part) Unc., susp.
14:21 Var. despises poor men
14:22 Lit. Are not practitioners of evil on the wrong track? but practitioners of good are friendship and loyalty
14:24 Codd. fools’ foolishness is foolishness
14:25 Codd.* a lie-blower is fraud
14:26 Lit. his children
14:29 Lit. is abundant in intelligence
14:29 Lit. is lifting foolishness aloft
14:30 Or but jealousy is
14:33 (it) Conj. some such word as foolishness or self-conceit
14:34 Var. sin is the depletion of