Proverbs 28:1-28

28  Wrong-doers run with nobody chasing them,but an honest man is as fearless as a two-year-old lion. 2  By demoralization in a country dissensions are numerous,but a sagacious man will extinguish them. 3 ** Aggrandizement of a chief and no rights for poor menis a pounding rain and no crop. 4  Men who give up sound doctrine praise wrong-doers,but men who are careful of sound doctrine oppose them. 5  Bad men have no insight into justice,but those who seek Jehovah have insight into everything. 6  Better a poor man leading a conscientious lifethan a man of crooked courses, he being rich. 7  One who keeps sound doctrine is a sensible son,but one who cultivates gormandizers humiliates his father. 8  One who increases his capital by interest and bonusis gathering for one who will do favors for poor men. 9  If one takes his ear away from hearing sound doctrinehis very prayer is an abomination. 10  One who misleads upright men into a bad coursewill himself fall into his pitfall,but conscientious men will come in for good. 11  A rich man thinks he is wise,but an intelligent poor man will see through him. 12  When honest men are celebrating a triumphplenty of finery is on parade;But when rogues come to the toppeople wear old clothes. 13  One who is covering up his offenses will not succeed;but one who acknowledges them and leaves them off will meet with clemency. 14 * Happy a man who is always apprehensive;but one who stiffens up his heart will fall into disaster. 15  An unscrupulous ruler over a poor peopleis a growling lion and a ravenous bear. 16 ** A regent who is deficient in insight will be plentiful in injustices;but one who hates jobbery will have a long life. 17  A man outlawed for bloodshedis to be a fugitive till he comes to the Pit; they are not to holdhim up. 18 * One who walks conscientiously will be saved,but a man of crooked courses will fall into a pitfall. 19  One who works his ground will have plenty of bread;but one who runs after unpractical things will have plenty of poverty. 20  A man of faithful dealing will have many blessings,but one who is in a hurry to get rich will not be held innocent. 21  Favoritism is not a good thing,and a man may offend on account of a bit of bread. 22  A stingy man is absorbed in propertyand does not know it is want that is coming to him. 23  One who reproves men will subsequently find more gratitudethan a smooth-tongued person. 24  One who steals from his father and motherand says it is no crimeis a mate for a ravager. 25  A man of excessive appetite starts quarrels,but one who trusts in Jehovah will be given plenty of oil. 26 * One who trusts to his own ideas is a fool,but one who goes by wisdom will come off safe. 27  He who gives to the poor man has no shortage;but he who ignores him has plenty of curses. 28  When rogues come to the top, people take cover;but when they perish, honest men grow plentiful.


28:3 Codd. A man who is poor and refuses their rights to poor men
28:3 Lit. and no bread
28:14 Or who always stands in fear
28:16 Susp.
28:16 Or a long lease of power Lit. long days
28:18 Var. will fall once for all Var. will fall (without more words)
28:26 Lit. his own heart