Proverbs 29:1-27

29  A man who keeps getting reproofs and stiffens his neckwill be incurably broken all at once. 2 * When honest men are plentiful, the people makes merry;but when a rogue rules, a people moans. 3  A man who loves wisdom gladdens his father,but one who frequents prostitutes dissipates a property. 4 * A king keeps a country standing by legality,but a levier of special taxes wrecks it. 5  A man who talks smoothly to anotheris spreading a net for his feet. 6 ** In the crime of a bad man there is a trap,while an honest man is jubilant and merry. 7  An honest man knows poor men’s claims;a wrong-doer cannot see the point. 8  Men of cynical talk inflame a town,but wise men turn anger backward. 9 * A wise man has a case in court with an ignorant manand he gets excited and laughs and nobody gets any rest. 10 * Cutthroats hate a steady manand wrong-doers hunt for his life. 11  A fool lets out all his temper,but a wise man calms it by delay. 12  A ruler who is willing to listen to false talkhas rogues for all his ministers. 13  A poor man and an extortioner meet—it is Jehovah who puts the light into the eyes of both. 14  A king who gives true judgment for poor menshall have his throne firm forevermore. 15  Cudgel and reproof give wisdom;but a boy running loose brings shame on his mother. 16  When wrong-doers are many, crimes are many;but honest men will look on at their fall. 17  Discipline your son, and he will be a rest to youand give you luxury. 18  Where there is no vision a people runs wild;but happy is one who keeps to sound doctrine. 19  A slave is not disciplined by talk;when he does understand, there is no result. 20  If you see a man in a hurry to speakthere is more hope for a fool than for him. 21 * One who pampers his slave from childhoodwill have him turn out a troublemaker. 22  A peppery man starts quarrels,and a hot-tempered man will have many misdeeds. 23  A man’s pride brings him low,but one lowly of spirit will hold honor. 24  One who shares plunder with a thief hates his own life;he will hear an imprecation and not tell. 25  Fearfulness of man lays a snare;but one who is confident in Jehovah is out of reach of harm. 26  Many seek a ruler’s presence,but a man’s rights are from Jehovah. 27  A man of foul play is an abomination to honest people,and one who takes a straightforward course is an abomination toa rogue.


29:2 Var. rogues rule
29:4 Or by justice
29:6 Var. In the commission of an offense a bad man is entrapped Conj. In any step that a bad man takes there is a trap
29:6 Conj. an honest man runs merrily on
29:9 Lit. and there is no rest
29:10 Codd. and upright men hunt for Conj. and upright men look out for
29:21 (troublemaker) Unc.