Proverbs 22:1-29

22  Reputation is preferable to great wealth,popularity to silver and gold. 2  A rich man and a poor man meet—Jehovah is the maker of all. 3  A sagacious man sees an evil and gets under cover,but simpletons go ahead and will pay the penalty. 4  The sequel of humility is fear of Jehovah,riches, honor, and life. 5  There are thorns and traps in a crooked man’s road;he who is guarding his life will keep aloof from them. 6  Give a boy the start his course requires;even when he grows old he will not deviate from it. 7  A rich man rules over poor men,and a borrower is slave to a lender. 8  One who sows knavery will reap trouble,and his cudgel of wrath gives out. 9  A generous-hearted man will be blessedbecause he has given bread of his to a poor man. 10  Turn out a cynic and out goes quarreling,and dispute and dishonor come to an end. 11 * Jehovah loves a clean-hearted man;one whose lips are agreeable has a king for his friend. 12 * Jehovah’s eyes watch over knowledge,but he upsets the affairs of a faithless man. 13  An idler says “There is a lion in the street,”“I shall be murdered right out in the squares.” 14  Stranger women’s mouths are a deep pitfall;he to whom Jehovah is hostile will fall in. 15  Foolishness is tied into a boy’s heart;the cudgel of discipline will drive it away. 16  A man refusing pay to a poor man with the result that he gets more—a man giving to a rich man with the result only of destitution. 17 ** Wise men’s words.Bend your ear and hear my words,and set your heart to know, 18  Because it will be delightful that you keep them within you, have them planted together on your lips. 19 * That your confidence may be in Jehovah,I have made known life to you too. 20 * I have written for you, as you see, thirty pointsin good advice and knowledge, 21 ** That you may make known words of truth,may bring back word to him who sent you. 22 * Do not rob a poor man because he is poornor overbear a downtrodden man in the gate, 23  For Jehovah will defend their causeand shave down the lives of those who shave them down. 24 * Do not make friends with a man who easily gets angrynor keep company with a man given to bursts of temper, 25  For fear you should get into his waysand come to have a trap waiting for your life. 26  Do not be among those who strike hands,those who go security for moneylenders’ loans: 27  If you do not have enough to pay,why should he take your bed out from under you? 28  Do not displace an old-time boundary-markwhich your fathers made. 29 ** If you see a man getting his work done speedilyhe will find his place in the service of kings,will not find his place in the service of nobodies.


22:11 Unc., susp.
22:12 Conj. Jehovah has an eye to one who keeps the knowledge of him
22:17 Codd. To wise men’s words bend your ear, and hear my speech Var. Bend your ear and hear wise men’s words
22:17 Var. to my knowledge
22:19 Codd. I have today let you too know
22:20 Lit. Have I not written for you thirty
22:21 Codd. make known the right of words of truth
22:21 Codd. bring back words of truth to
22:22 Lit. crush down a downtrodden man
22:24 Lit. nor go in with
22:29 Conj. A man who gets his work done speedily will find
22:29 Conj. that either one line of this verse has been lost in copying or one line has been added in copying