Proverbs 27:1-27

27  Do not boast of tomorrow,because you do not know what a day will give birth to. 2  Let a stranger praise you and not your own mouth,an alien and not your own lips. 3 * A stone is heavy, and sand is a dead weight,but the annoyance of a fool is heavier than either. 4  Ill temper is ruthless and anger is unsparing,but who stands his ground before jealousy? 5 * Better outspoken criticismthan unspoken love. 6  There is more trust to be put in bruises from one who loves than in effusive kisses from one who hates. 7 * A glutted appetite will trample on virgin honey;but to a hungry appetite everything bitter is sweet. 8  Like a bird strayed from its nest,such is a man strayed from his place. 9 * Oil and perfume cheer a heart,but it is torn up by anxiety of soul. 10  Do not leave your friend and your father’s friend,and do not go into your brother’s house on your day of calamity;a neighbor close by is better than a brother far away. 11  Be wise, son, and gladden my heart,so that I may give an answer to the one who taunts me. 12  A sagacious man, seeing an evil, gets under cover;simpletons, going ahead, pay the penalty. 13 * Take his garment, because he went security for a stranger; foreclose him on a foreign woman’s account. 14  To the one who blesses his friend with a loud voice the first thing in the morningit counts for a curse. 15  A dribbling leak in the roof in an all-day rainand a wrangling woman are the same sort of thing. 16 ** Whoever has smothered her down has smothered wind down,and oil meets his hand. 17 * Iron is polished on iron,and a man polishes his friend’s behavior. 18  One who takes care of a fig-tree will eat its fruit,and one who looks after his master will be honored. 19 * As in water a face duplicates a face,so does man’s heart man. 20 * The realm of death and the limbo of the gone forever never get all they want,and neither do man’s eyes. 21 ** Crucible for silver and furnace for gold,and a man according to what he prides himself on. 22  If you pound up a blockhead with a pestleamong the pemmican in a mortarhis stupidity will not come off. 23 * Know well how your sheep and goats are looking,keep your mind on the flocks, 24 * Because funds do not last foreverand no crown is for generation upon generation; 25  When grass is taken off and green stuff is showingand mountain growths are brought in, 26 * Sheep will be for your clothingand he-goats will pay for land, 27 ** And there will be a good supply of goats’ milk for your food and a living for your girls.


27:3 Lit. and the sand
27:5 Lit. unveiled criticism than veiled love
27:7 Lit. but a hungry appetite, everything
27:9 (last half) Susp.
27:13 Conj. a foreigner’s account
27:16 Unc.; susp. (the verse may originally have been something about north and south)
27:16 Lit. his right hand
27:17 Lit. is whetted on iron, and a man whets his friend’s presence
27:19 Lit. Like water, a face to a face, such is man’s heart to man
27:20 Var. has after this the words One who shuts his eyes tight is a thing Jehovah detests, and fools are bold-tongued.
27:21 Or according to his reputation Var. according to those who praise him
27:21 Var. has after this the words A wrong-doer’s heart looks for bad things, but an upright heart seeks knowledge.
27:23 Lit. Know well the faces of your sheep and goats
27:24 (crown) Susp.
27:26 Lit. will be pay for
27:27 Var. for your food, for your household’s food, and
27:27 Lit. life for your girls