Proverbs 24:1-34

24  Do not be emulous of bad mennor desirous of going with them, 2  Because their hearts are studying up violenceand their lips are talking of mischief. 3  A household is built up by wisdomand kept up by intelligence, 4  And by knowledge storerooms are filledwith all sorts of valuable and enjoyable goods. 5  A wise man is more puissant than a muscular man,and a man of knowledge than one mighty in strength; 6 * For it is by generalship that war is to be made,and victory comes by plenty of advisers. 7  Wisdom is pearls for an ignoramus;he does not open his mouth in the gate. 8  One who lays plans for doing harmthey call a crook. 9 * Stupidity’s stroke of policy is a piece of baseness,and a cynic is detestable to man. 10  If you slacken in a pinchyour strength is a pinched-up thing. 11 *** Deliver those who are being taken to deathand those who are leaning over for killing; do not hold back; 12  When you say “There, we did not know this,”will not he who gauges hearts see into itAnd the keeper of your life know it?and he will return to man the like of what he does. 13  Eat honey, son, because it is goodand virgin honey is sweet to your palate; 14  Such know wisdom to be for your soul:if you find it there is a futureand your hope will not be dashed. 15  Do not lurk about an honest man’s quarter, rogue,and do not raid his sleeping-place, 16  For an honest man falls seven times and gets up,but rogues are tripped up by viciousness. 17  When your enemy falls down do not celebrate it,and when he trips up do not let your heart exult; 18  Jehovah might see it and dislike itand turn back his anger from him. 19  Do not get angry over bad mennor be jealous of wrong-doers, 20  Because a wrong-doer will have no future;wrong-doers’ lamps will go out. 21  Fear Jehovah and the king, son;do not be mixed up with people who want a change, 22  For their calamity will come suddenly,and who knows what bad end either set will come to? 23  These too are by the wise men.Favoritism in judging is not a good thing. 24  On one who says to a wrong-doer “You are in the right”Peoples will lay a curse,folk upon folk be hostile to him; 25 * But those who call them to account shall be happyand upon them shall come a good blessing. 26  One who gives a square answer kisses lips. 27  Get your work in shape outdoorsand have things ready in the field;afterward you may build your house. 28 * Do not be a witness against your fellowman groundlessly and mislead people with your lips. 29  Do not say “I will do to him the same as he did to me,I will pay the man back the like of his action.” 30  I went past an idle man’s fieldand past a brainless man’s vineyard 31  And found it all grown up to nettles,and weeds covered its surface and its stone wall was down. 32  And I viewed it and took it to heart,saw and drew a lesson: 33  A little sleep, a little slumber,a little folding your arms to lie abed— 34  And your poverty shall come prowlingand your want like a man under arms.


24:6 Var. that you are to do your war-making
24:9 Lit. is sin, and
24:11 (second half) Susp.
24:11 Or tottering for killing
24:11 Codd.* without semicolon before do
24:25 Lit. who call to account
24:28 Or needlessly