Proverbs 15:1-33

15  An answer, when mild, turns away rage,+ but a word causing pain makes anger to come up.+  The tongue of wise ones does good with knowledge,+ but the mouth of the stupid ones bubbles forth with foolishness.+  The eyes of Jehovah are in every place,+ keeping watch upon the bad ones and the good ones.+  The calmness of the tongue is a tree of life,+ but distortion in it means a breaking down in the spirit.+  Anyone foolish disrespects the discipline of his father,+ but anyone regarding reproof is shrewd.+  In the house* of the righteous one there is an abundant store,+ but in the produce of the wicked one there is a becoming ostracized.+  The lips of the wise ones keep scattering knowledge about,+ but the heart of the stupid ones is not like that.+  The sacrifice of the wicked ones is something detestable to Jehovah,+ but the prayer of the upright ones is a pleasure to him.+  The way of the wicked one is something detestable to Jehovah,+ but the one pursuing righteousness he loves.+ 10  Discipline is bad to the one leaving the path;+ anyone hating reproof will die.+ 11  Sheʹol and [the place of] destruction*+ are in front of Jehovah.+ How much more so the hearts of the sons of mankind!*+ 12  The ridiculer does not love the one reproving him.+ To the wise ones he will not go.+ 13  A joyful heart has a good effect on the countenance,+ but because of the pain of the heart there is a stricken spirit.+ 14  The understanding heart is one that searches for knowledge,+ but the mouth of stupid people is one that aspires to foolishness.+ 15  All the days of the afflicted one are bad;+ but the one that is good at heart* [has] a feast constantly.+ 16  Better is a little in the fear of Jehovah+ than an abundant supply and confusion along with it.+ 17  Better is a dish of vegetables where there is love+ than a manger-fed bull and hatred along with it.+ 18  An enraged man stirs up contention,+ but one that is slow to anger quiets down quarreling.+ 19  The way of the lazy one is like a brier hedge,+ but the path of the upright ones is a way cast up.+ 20  A wise son is the one that makes a father rejoice,+ but a stupid man is despising his mother.+ 21  Foolishness is a rejoicing to one who is in want of heart,*+ but the man of discernment is one who goes straight ahead.+ 22  There is a frustrating of plans where there is no confidential talk,+ but in the multitude of counselors there is accomplishment.+ 23  A man has rejoicing in the answer of his mouth,+ and a word at its right time is O how good!+ 24  The path of life is upward to one acting with insight,+ in order to turn away from Sheʹol down below.+ 25  The house of the self-exalted ones Jehovah will tear down,+ but he will fix the boundary of the widow.+ 26  The schemes of the bad one are something detestable to Jehovah,+ but pleasant sayings are clean.+ 27  The one making unjust profit is bringing ostracism upon his own house,+ but the hater of gifts is the one that will keep living.+ 28  The heart of the righteous one meditates* so as to answer,+ but the mouth of the wicked ones bubbles forth with bad things.+ 29  Jehovah is far away from the wicked ones,+ but the prayer of the righteous ones he hears.+ 30  The brightness of the eyes+ makes the heart rejoice;+ a report+ that is good makes the bones fat.+ 31  The ear that is listening to the reproof+ of life lodges right in among wise people.+ 32  Anyone shunning discipline+ is rejecting his own soul, but the one listening to reproof is acquiring heart.*+ 33  The fear of Jehovah is a discipline toward wisdom,+ and before glory there is humility.+


“In the house(s),” TLXXSy; MVg, “The house.”
“And [the place of] destruction.” Heb., wa·ʼavad·dohnʹ, “Abaddon.” See Job 26:6 ftn.
Or, “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
“But . . . good (merry) at heart.” Heb., wetohv-levʹ.
Or, “to one lacking good motive.” Heb., la·chasar-levʹ.
Or, “considers, muttering.”
Or, “is acquiring good motive.” Heb., qohʹneh lev.