Proverbs 11:1-31

11  A cheating pair of scales is something detestable to Jehovah,+ but a complete stone-weight is a pleasure to him.  Has presumptuousness come? Then dishonor will come;+ but wisdom is with the modest ones.+  The integrity of the upright ones is what leads them,+ but distortion by those dealing treacherously will despoil them.*+  Valuable things will be of no benefit on the day of fury,+ but righteousness itself will deliver from death.+  The righteousness of the blameless one is what will make his way straight,+ but in his own wickedness the wicked one will fall.+  The righteousness of the upright ones is what will deliver them,+ but by their* craving* those dealing treacherously will themselves be caught.+  When a wicked man* dies, [his] hope perishes;+ and even expectation [based] on powerfulness has perished.+  The righteous is the one rescued even from distress,+ and the wicked one comes in instead of him.+  By [his] mouth the one who is an apostate brings his fellowman to ruin,+ but by knowledge are the righteous rescued.+ 10  Because of the goodness of the righteous ones a town is elated,+ but when the wicked ones perish there is a joyful cry.+ 11  Because of the blessing of the upright ones a town is exalted,+ but because of the mouth of the wicked ones it gets torn down.+ 12  The one in want of heart* has despised his own fellowman,+ but the man* of broad discernment is one that keeps silent.+ 13  The one walking about as a slanderer+ is uncovering confidential talk,+ but the one faithful in spirit* is covering over a matter.+ 14  When there is no skillful direction, the people fall;+ but there is salvation in the multitude of counselors.+ 15  One will positively fare badly because he has gone surety for a stranger,+ but the one hating handshaking is keeping carefree. 16  A woman of charm is the one that takes hold of glory;*+ but the tyrants, for their part, take hold of riches. 17  A man of loving-kindness* is dealing rewardingly with his own soul,+ but the cruel person is bringing ostracism upon his own organism.+ 18  The wicked one is making false wages,*+ but the one sowing righteousness, true earnings.*+ 19  The one firmly standing for righteousness* is in line for life,+ but the one chasing after what is bad is in line for his own death.+ 20  Those crooked at heart are something detestable to Jehovah,+ but the ones blameless in [their] way are a pleasure to him.+ 21  Though hand be to hand, a bad person will not go unpunished;+ but the offspring of the righteous ones will certainly escape.+ 22  As a gold nose ring in the snout of a pig, so is a woman that is pretty but that is turning away from sensibleness.*+ 23  The desire of the righteous ones is surely good;+ the hope of the wicked ones is fury.+ 24  There exists the one that is scattering and yet is being increased;+ also the one that is keeping back from what is right, but it results only in want.+ 25  The generous soul* will itself be made fat,+ and the one freely watering [others] will himself also be freely watered.+ 26  The one holding back grain—the populace will execrate him, but there is a blessing for the head of the one letting it be bought.+ 27  He that is looking for good will keep seeking goodwill;+ but as for the one searching for bad, it will come upon him.+ 28  The one trusting in his riches—he himself will fall;+ but just like foliage the righteous ones will flourish.+ 29  As for anyone bringing ostracism upon his own house,+ he will take possession of wind;+ and a foolish person will be a servant to the one wise in heart. 30  The fruitage of the righteous one is a tree of life,+ and he that is winning souls is wise.+ 31  Look! The righteous one—in the earth he will be rewarded.+ How much more should the wicked one and the sinner be!+


“Will despoil them,” according to MmarginVg.
“Their,” TLXXSyVg; M omits.
“Destruction,” LXX.
Or, “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
“But the man of.” Heb., weʼishʹ.
Or, “lacking good motive.” Heb., chasar-levʹ.
“Spirit.” Heb., ruʹach; Gr., pno·eiʹ, “breath”; Lat., aʹni·mi.
Or, “honor.”
Or, “loyal love.”
False wages,” that is, the reward for bad activity. Heb., pheʽul·lath-shaʹqer.
True earnings,” that is, the reward for good activity. Heb., seʹkher ʼemethʹ.
“The one firmly standing for righteousness,” by a correction of M; T, “Thus whoever does righteousness”; LXXSy (reading ben for ken), “A son of righteousness (righteous son).”
Or, “tastefulness; good taste.”
Lit., “The soul with a blessing gift.”