Proverbs 16:1-33

16  To earthling man* belong the arrangings of the heart,+ but from Jehovah is the answer of the tongue.+  All the ways of a man* are pure in his own eyes,+ but Jehovah is making an estimate of spirits.+  Roll your works upon Jehovah himself+ and your plans will be firmly established.+  Everything Jehovah has made for his purpose,+ yes, even the wicked one for the evil day.+  Everyone that is proud in heart is something detestable to Jehovah.+ Hand [may join] to hand, [yet] one will not be free from punishment.+  By loving-kindness* and trueness error is atoned for,+ and in the fear of Jehovah one turns away from bad.+  When Jehovah takes pleasure in the ways of a man+ he causes even his enemies themselves to be at peace with him.+  Better is a little with righteousness+ than an abundance of products without justice.*+  The heart of earthling man may think out his way,+ but Jehovah himself does the directing of his steps.+ 10  Inspired decision should be upon the lips of a king;+ in judgment his mouth should not prove unfaithful.+ 11  The just indicator and scales belong to Jehovah;+ all the stone weights of the bag are his work.+ 12  The doing of wickedness is something detestable to kings,+ for by righteousness is the throne firmly established.+ 13  The lips of righteousness are a pleasure to a grand king;*+ and the speaker of upright things he loves.+ 14  The rage of a king means messengers of death,+ but the wise man is one that averts it.*+ 15  In the light of the king’s face there is life,+ and his goodwill is like the cloud of spring rain.+ 16  The getting of wisdom is O how much better than gold!+ And the getting of understanding is to be chosen more than silver.+ 17  The highway of the upright ones is to turn away from bad.+ One who is safeguarding his way is keeping his soul.+ 18  Pride is before a crash,+ and a haughty spirit* before stumbling.+ 19  Better is it to be lowly in spirit* with the meek ones*+ than to divide spoil with the self-exalted ones.+ 20  He that is showing insight in a matter will find good,+ and happy is he that is trusting in Jehovah.+ 21  The one that is wise in heart will be called understanding,+ and he that is sweet in [his] lips adds persuasiveness.+ 22  To its owners insight is a well of life;+ and the discipline of the foolish ones is foolishness.+ 23  The heart of the wise one causes his mouth to show insight,+ and to his lips it adds persuasiveness.+ 24  Pleasant sayings are a honeycomb,+ sweet to the soul and a healing to the bones.+ 25  There exists a way that is upright before a man,+ but the ways of death are the end of it afterward.+ 26  The soul* of the hard worker has worked hard for him,+ because his mouth has pressed him hard.+ 27  A good-for-nothing man* is digging up what is bad,+ and upon his lips there is, as it were, a scorching fire.+ 28  A man of intrigues keeps sending forth contention,+ and a slanderer is separating those familiar with one another.+ 29  A man of violence will seduce his fellow,+ and certainly causes him to go in a way that is not good.+ 30  He is blinking with his eyes to scheme up intrigues.+ Pinching his lips together, he certainly brings mischief to completion. 31  Gray-headedness is a crown of beauty+ when it is found in the way of righteousness.+ 32  He that is slow to anger is better than a mighty man,+ and he that is controlling his spirit than the one capturing a city.+ 33  Into the lap the lot is cast down,+ but every decision by it is from Jehovah.+


“To earthling man.” Heb., leʼa·dhamʹ.
“All the ways of a man.” Heb., kal-dar·kheh-ʼishʹ.
Or, “loyal love.”
Or, “judgment.”
“A grand king.” Lit., “kings,” pl. to denote majesty, as in vs 12.
Lit., “he will cover it.” Heb., yekhap·perenʹnah.
Lit., “height (haughtiness) of spirit.” Heb., goʹvah ruʹach.
Lit., “lowness of spirit.” Heb., shephal-ruʹach.
“Meek ones,” Mmargin; M, “afflicted ones.”
Or, “soulful desire.”
Lit., “A man of belial.” Heb., ʼish beli·yaʹʽal.