Proverbs 9:1-18

9  True wisdom+ has built its house;+ it has hewn out its seven pillars.  It has organized its meat slaughtering;* it has mixed its wine; more than that, it has set in order its table.+  It has sent forth its lady attendants, that it may call out on top of the heights of the town:  “Whoever is inexperienced, let him turn aside here.”+ Whoever is in want of heart*+—she has said to him:  “Come, feed yourselves with my bread and share in drinking the wine that I have mixed.+  Leave the inexperienced ones and keep living,+ and walk straight in the way of understanding.”+  He that is correcting the ridiculer is taking to himself dishonor,+ and he that is giving a reproof to someone wicked—a defect in him.+  Do not reprove a ridiculer, that he may not hate you.+ Give a reproof to a wise person and he will love you.+  Give to a wise person and he will become still wiser.+ Impart knowledge to someone righteous and he will increase in learning. 10  The fear of Jehovah is the start of wisdom,+ and the knowledge of the Most Holy One* is what understanding is.+ 11  For by me your days will become many,+ and to you years of life will be added.+ 12  If you have become wise, you have become wise in your own behalf;+ and if you have ridiculed, you will bear [it], just you alone.+ 13  A woman of stupidity is boisterous.+ She is simplemindedness itself and has come to know nothing whatever.+ 14  And she has seated herself at the entrance of her house, upon a seat, [in] the high places of the town,+ 15  to call out to those passing along the way, those who are going straight ahead on their paths:+ 16  “Whoever is inexperienced, let him turn aside here.”+ And whoever is in want of heart*+—she has also said to him: 17  “Stolen waters themselves are sweet,+ and bread [eaten] in secrecy—it is pleasant.”+ 18  But he has not come to know that those impotent in death* are there, that those called in by her are in the low places of Sheʹol.*+


Lit., “She slaughtered her slaughtering.”
Or, “Whoever is lacking good motive.” Heb., chasar-levʹ.
“Most Holy One.” Lit., “the holy ones.” Heb., Qedho·shimʹ, pl. of qa·dhohshʹ, to denote excellence and referring to “Jehovah.” See GK, § 124 h.
Or, “And whoever is lacking good motive.” Heb., wa·chasar-levʹ.
“Those impotent in death.” Heb., repha·ʼimʹ; TSyVg(Lat., gi·ganʹtes), “the gi­ants”; LXX, “the earthborn ones.” Compare 2:18 ftn.
“Sheol.” Heb., sheʼohlʹ; Gr., haiʹdou; Lat., in·ferʹni.