Proverbs 14:1-35

14  The truly wise woman has built up her house,+ but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.+  The one walking in his uprightness is fearing Jehovah,+ but the one crooked in his ways is despising Him.+  The rod of haughtiness is in the mouth of the foolish one,+ but the very lips of the wise ones will guard them.+  Where there are no cattle the manger is clean, but the crop is abundant because of the power of a bull.  A faithful witness is one that will not lie,+ but a false witness launches forth mere lies.+  The ridiculer has sought to find wisdom, and there is none; but to the understanding one knowledge is an easy thing.+  Go away from in front of the stupid man,+ for you will certainly not take note of the lips of knowledge.+  The wisdom of the shrewd is to understand his way,+ but the foolishness of stupid ones is deception.+  Foolish are those who make a derision of guilt,+ but among the upright ones there is agreement.*+ 10  The heart is aware of the bitterness of one’s soul,+ and with its rejoicing no stranger will intermeddle. 11  The house of wicked people will be annihilated,+ but the tent of the upright ones will flourish.+ 12  There exists a way that is upright before a man,+ but the ways of death are the end of it afterward.+ 13  Even in laughter the heart may be in pain;+ and grief is what rejoicing ends up in.+ 14  The one faithless at heart will be satisfied with the results of his own ways,+ but the good man with the results of his dealings.+ 15  Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word,*+ but the shrewd one considers his steps.+ 16  The wise one fears and is turning away from badness,+ but the stupid is becoming furious and self-confident.+ 17  He that is quick to anger will commit foolishness,+ but the man of thinking abilities is hated.+ 18  The inexperienced ones will certainly take possession of foolishness,+ but the shrewd ones will bear knowledge as a headdress.+ 19  Bad people will have to bow down before the good ones,+ and the wicked people at the gates of the righteous one. 20  Even to his fellowman one who is of little means is an object of hatred,+ but many are the friends of the rich person.+ 21  The one despising his own fellowman is sinning,+ but happy is he who is showing favor to the afflicted ones.+ 22  Will not those devising mischief go wandering about?+ But there are loving-kindness* and trueness as regards those devising good.+ 23  By every kind of toil there comes to be an advantage,+ but merely the word of the lips [tends] to want. 24  The crown of the wise is their riches; the foolishness of the stupid ones is foolishness.+ 25  A true witness* is delivering souls,+ but a deceitful one* launches forth mere lies.+ 26  In the fear of Jehovah there is strong confidence,+ and for his sons there will come to be a refuge.+ 27  The fear of Jehovah is a well of life,+ to turn away from the snares of death.+ 28  In the multitude of people there is an adornment of a king,+ but in the lack of population is the ruin of a high official.+ 29  He that is slow to anger is abundant in discernment,+ but one that is impatient* is exalting foolishness.+ 30  A calm heart is the life of the fleshly organism,+ but jealousy is rottenness to the bones.+ 31  He that is defrauding the lowly one has reproached his Maker,+ but the one showing favor to the poor one is glorifying Him.+ 32  Because of his badness the wicked will be pushed down,+ but the righteous will be finding refuge in his integrity.*+ 33  In the heart of the understanding one there rests wisdom,+ and in the midst of stupid ones it becomes known. 34  Righteousness is what exalts a nation,+ but sin is something disgraceful to national groups.+ 35  The pleasure of a king is in the servant who is acting with insight,+ but his fury comes to be toward one acting shamefully.+


Or, “approval.”
Or, “thing.” Heb., da·varʹ.
Or, “loyal love.”
Lit., “A witness of truth.” Heb., ʽedh ʼemethʹ.
Lit., “a deception,” that is, a witness of deception. Heb., mir·mahʹ.
Lit., “but one that is short of spirit.” Heb., qetsar-ruʹach.
“Integrity,” by a slight correction of M to agree with LXXSy; M, “death.”