Proverbs 26:1-28

26  Like snow in summer and like rain in harvesttime,+ so glory is not fitting for a stupid one.+  Just as a bird has cause for fleeing [and] just as a swallow for flying, so a malediction itself does not come without real cause.+  A whip is for the horse,+ a bridle+ is for the ass, and the rod is for the back of stupid people.+  Do not answer anyone stupid according to his foolishness, that you yourself also may not become equal to him.+  Answer someone stupid according to his foolishness, that he may not become someone wise in his own eyes.+  As one that is mutilating [his] feet, as one that is drinking mere violence, is he that is thrusting matters into the hand of someone stupid.+  Have the legs of the lame one drawn up water? Then there is a proverb in the mouth of stupid people.+  Like one shutting up a stone in a heap of stones, so is the one giving glory to a mere stupid one.+  As a thorny weed has come up into the hand of a drunkard, so a proverb into the mouth of stupid people.+ 10  As an archer piercing everything is the one hiring someone stupid+ or the one hiring passersby. 11  Just like a dog returning to its vomit, the stupid one is repeating his foolishness.+ 12  Have you seen a man wise in his own eyes?+ There is more hope for the stupid one+ than for him. 13  The lazy one has said: “There is a young lion in the way, a lion in among the public squares.”+ 14  A door keeps turning upon its pivot, and the lazy one upon his couch.+ 15  The lazy one has hidden his hand in the banquet bowl; he has become too weary to bring it back to his mouth.+ 16  The lazy one is wiser in his own eyes+ than seven giving a sensible reply. 17  As one grabbing hold of the ears of a dog is anyone passing by that is becoming furious at the quarrel that is not his.+ 18  Just like someone mad that is shooting fiery missiles,+ arrows and death, 19  so is the man that has tricked his fellowman and has said: “Was I not having fun?”+ 20  Where there is no wood the fire goes out, and where there is no slanderer contention grows still.+ 21  As charcoal for the embers and wood for the fire, so is a contentious man for causing a quarrel+ to glow. 22  The words of a slanderer are like things to be swallowed greedily, which do go down into the innermost parts of the belly.+ 23  As a silver glazing overlaid upon a fragment of earthenware are fervent lips along with a bad heart.+ 24  With his lips the hater makes himself unrecognizable, but inside of him he puts deception.+ 25  Although he makes his voice gracious,+ do not believe in him,+ for there are seven detestable things+ in his heart. 26  Hatred is covered over by deceit. His badness will be uncovered in the congregation.+ 27  He that is excavating a pit will fall into the same,+ and he that is rolling away a stone—back to him it will return.+ 28  A tongue that is false hates the one crushed by it,+ and a flattering mouth* causes an overthrow.+


Lit., “and a mouth smooth.”