Proverbs 13:1-25

13  A son is wise where there is a father’s discipline,+ but the ridiculer is one that has not heard rebuke.+  From the fruitage of his mouth a man will eat good,+ but the very soul* of those dealing treacherously is violence.+  The one guarding his mouth is keeping his soul.+ The one opening wide his lips—he will have ruin.+  The lazy one is showing himself desirous, but his soul [has] nothing.+ However, the very soul of the diligent ones will be made fat.+  A false word is what the righteous hates,+ but the wicked ones act shamefully and cause disgrace for themselves.+  Righteousness itself safeguards the one who is harmless in his way,+ but wickedness is what subverts the sinner.*+  There exists the one that is pretending to be rich and yet he has nothing at all;+ there is the one that is pretending to be of little means and yet [he has] many valuable things.  The ransom for a man’s soul is his riches,+ but the one of little means has not heard rebuke.+  The very light of the righteous ones will rejoice;+ but the lamp of the wicked ones—it will be extinguished.+ 10  By presumptuousness one only causes a struggle,+ but with those consulting together there is wisdom.+ 11  Valuable things resulting from vanity become fewer,+ but the one collecting by the hand is the one that makes increase.+ 12  Expectation postponed is making the heart sick,+ but the thing desired is a tree of life when it does come.+ 13  He that has despised the word,+ from him a [debtor’s] pledge will be seized; but the one fearing the commandment is the one that will be rewarded.+ 14  The law of the wise one is a source* of life,+ to turn one away from the snares of death.+ 15  Good insight itself gives favor,+ but the way of those dealing treacherously is rugged.*+ 16  Everyone shrewd will act with knowledge,+ but the one that is stupid will spread abroad foolishness.+ 17  A messenger that is wicked will fall into bad,+ but a faithful envoy is a healing.+ 18  The one neglecting discipline [comes to] poverty and dishonor,+ but the one keeping a reproof is the one that is glorified.+ 19  Desire when realized is pleasurable to the soul;+ but it is something detestable to the stupid ones to turn away from bad.+ 20  He that is walking with wise persons will become wise,+ but he that is having dealings with the stupid ones will fare badly.+ 21  Sinners are the ones whom calamity pursues,+ but the righteous are the ones whom good rewards.+ 22  One who is good will leave an inheritance to sons of sons, and the wealth of the sinner is something treasured up for the righteous one.+ 23  Plowed ground of persons of little means [yields] a great deal of food,+ but there exists the one that is swept away for lack of judgment.+ 24  The one holding back his rod is hating his son,+ but the one loving him is he that does look for him with discipline.+ 25  The righteous is eating to the satisfaction of his soul,+ but the belly of the wicked ones will be empty.+


“But the very soul (soulful desire) of.” Heb., weneʹphesh; Gr., psy·khaiʹ; Lat., aʹni·ma.
By a slight correction; M appears to read, “wickedness is what distorts a sin offering.”
Or, “well.” Heb., meqohrʹ.
“Rugged,” according to the suggestion offered by BDB, p. 451; by a correction of M, “their disaster.”