Proverbs 28:1-28

28  The wicked do flee when there is no pursuer,+ but the righteous are like a young lion that is confident.+  Because of the transgression of a land many are its [successive] princes,+ but by a discerning man* having knowledge of right [the prince]* will remain long.+  An able-bodied man that is of little means and that is defrauding+ the lowly ones is as a rain that washes away so that there is no food.  Those who are leaving the law praise the wicked one,+ but those who are keeping the law excite themselves against them.+  Men given to badness cannot understand judgment, but those who are seeking Jehovah can understand everything.+  Better is the one of little means who is walking in his integrity than anyone crooked in [his] ways, although he is rich.+  An understanding son is observing the law,+ but one having companionship with gluttons humiliates his father.+  He that is multiplying his valuables by interest+ and usury collects them merely for the one showing favor to the lowly ones.+  He that is turning his ear away from hearing the law+—even his prayer is something detestable.+ 10  He that is causing the upright ones to go astray+ into the bad way will himself fall into his own pit,+ but the faultless ones themselves will come into possession of good.+ 11  A rich man is wise in his own eyes,+ but the lowly one who is discerning searches him through.+ 12  When the righteous ones are exulting,+ there is abundant beauty; but when the wicked ones rise up, a man disguises himself.+ 13  He that is covering over his transgressions will not succeed,+ but he that is confessing and leaving [them] will be shown mercy.+ 14  Happy is the man that is feeling dread constantly,+ but he that is hardening his heart will fall into calamity.+ 15  As a growling lion and an onrushing bear is a wicked ruler over a lowly people.+ 16  A leader that is in want of true discernment is also abundant in fraudulent practices,+ but he that is hating unjust profit+ will prolong [his] days. 17  A man burdened with the bloodguilt for a soul will himself flee even to the pit.+ Let them not get hold of him. 18  He that is walking faultless will be saved,+ but he that is made crooked in [his] ways will fall at once.+ 19  He that is cultivating his own ground will have his sufficiency of bread,+ and he that is pursuing valueless things will have his sufficiency of poverty.+ 20  A man of faithful acts* will get many blessings,+ but he that is hastening to gain riches will not remain innocent.+ 21  The showing of partiality* is not good,+ nor that an able-bodied man should transgress over a mere piece of bread. 22  A man of envious eye is bestirring himself after valuable things,+ but he does not know that want itself will come upon him. 23  He that is reproving a man+ will afterward find more favor than he will that is flattering with his tongue.* 24  He that is robbing his father and his mother+ and is saying: “It is no transgression,”+ is a partner of a man causing ruination. 25  He that is arrogant in soul stirs up contention,+ but he that is relying upon Jehovah will be made fat.+ 26  He that is trusting in his own heart is stupid,+ but he that is walking in wisdom is the one that will escape.+ 27  He that is giving to the one of little means will have no want,+ but he that is hiding his eyes will get many curses.+ 28  When the wicked rise up, a man* conceals himself;+ but when they perish, the righteous become many.+


Lit., “but by an earthling man discerning.” Heb., u·veʼa·dhamʹ me·vinʹ.
Lit., “he.”
“A man of faithful acts.” Heb., ʼish ʼemu·nohthʹ.
Lit., “To discern faces.”
Lit., “making smooth a tongue.” Or, “using a smooth tongue.”
Lit., “an earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.