Proverbs 29:1-27

29  A man* repeatedly reproved+ but making his neck hard+ will suddenly be broken, and that without healing.+  When the righteous become many, the people rejoice;+ but when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh.+  A man that is loving wisdom makes his father rejoice,+ but he that is having companionship with prostitutes destroys valuable things.+  By justice a king makes a land keep standing,+ but a man out for bribes* tears it down.+  An able-bodied man that is flattering his companion+ is spreading out a mere net for his steps.+  In the transgression of a bad man there is a snare,+ but he that is righteous cries out joyfully and is glad.+  The righteous one is knowing the legal claim of the lowly ones.+ He that is wicked does not consider such knowledge.+  Men of boastful talk inflame a town,+ but those who are wise turn back anger.+  A wise man having entered into judgment with a foolish man—he has become excited and has also laughed, and there is no rest.+ 10  Bloodthirsty men hate anyone blameless;+ and as for the upright ones, they keep seeking for the soul of each one.+ 11  All his spirit is what a stupid one lets out, but he that is wise keeps it calm to the last.+ 12  Where a ruler is paying attention to false speech, all those waiting on him will be wicked.+ 13  The one of little means and the man of oppressions have met each other;+ [but] Jehovah is lighting up the eyes of them both.+ 14  Where a king is judging the lowly ones in trueness,+ his throne will be firmly established for all time.+ 15  The rod and reproof are what give wisdom;+ but a boy let on the loose will be causing his mother shame.+ 16  When the wicked become many, transgression abounds; but those who are righteous will look on their very downfall.+ 17  Chastise your son and he will bring you rest and give much pleasure to your soul.+ 18  Where there is no vision the people go unrestrained,+ but happy are they* that are keeping the law.+ 19  A servant will not let himself be corrected by mere words,+ for he understands but he is paying no heed.+ 20  Have you beheld a man hasty with his words?+ There is more hope for someone stupid than for him.+ 21  If one is pampering one’s servant from youth on, in his later life he will even become a thankless one.* 22  A man given to anger stirs up contention,+ and anyone disposed to rage* has many a transgression.+ 23  The very haughtiness of earthling man will humble him,+ but he that is humble in spirit will take hold of glory.+ 24  He that is partner with a thief is hating his own soul.+ An oath involving a curse he may hear, but he reports nothing.+ 25  Trembling at men* is what lays a snare,+ but he that is trusting in Jehovah will be protected.+ 26  Many are those seeking the face of a ruler,+ but the judgment of a man is from Jehovah.+ 27  A man of injustice is something detestable to the righteous ones,+ and one who is upright in his way is something detestable to a wicked one.+


Lit., “A man.” Heb., ʼish.
Lit., “contributions.”
Or, “it,” sing., referring to the “people.”
“A thankless one.” Heb., ma·nohnʹ, of uncertain meaning.
Lit., “and a master of rage.” Heb., vaʹʽal che·mahʹ.
Lit., “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.