Genesis 32:1-32

32  and Jacob went on his way; and he encountered God’s angels. 2 * And Jacob, when he saw them, said “This is God’s camp,” and named the place Mahanaim. 3  And Jacob sent messengers ahead to his brother ʽEsau in the country of Seʽir, the wolds of Edom, 4  and gave them the order “You are to say to my brother ʽEsau ‘Says your servant Jacob, I have been living with Laban and stayed on till now, 5  and have got cattle and donkeys and sheep and goats and servants; and I have sent to tell you, sir, in hope of your goodwill.’” 6 * And the messengers came back to Jacob with the word “We have been to your brother ʽEsau, and he is on his way too to you, and four hundred men with him.” 7  And Jacob was much afraid and distressed; and he divided his company into two camps, people and sheep and goats and cattle and camels and all, 8  and thought “If ʽEsau comes to one camp and cuts it down, the remaining camp will survive.” 9  And Jacob said “God of my father Abraham and my father Isaac, Jehovah, you who said to me ‘Go back to your own country and your birthplace and I will do well by you,’ 10  I am too insignificant for all the friendship and loyalty you have shown to your servant; for I crossed this Jordan with my staff and have now come to be two camps. 11 * Deliver me out of my brother’s hands, ʽEsau’s, for I am afraid of him, that he will come and cut me down, mother with children, 12  and you said ‘I will do well by you and render your descendants like the sand of the sea, too numerous to be counted.’” 13 * And he spent the night there. And he took out of what he had brought with him a present for his brother ʽEsau, 14  two hundred she-goats and twenty he-goats, two hundred ewes and twenty rams, 15  thirty camels with sucking foals, forty heifers and ten young bulls, twenty she-asses and ten jacks, 16  and put them in the hands of his servants, each drove by itself, and said to his servants “Pass on before me, and leave a space between one drove and another.” 17  And he gave the first the order “When you meet with my brother ʽEsau and he asks you ‘To whom do you belong, and where are you going, and whose are these that you have before you?’ 18  say ‘They are your servant Jacob’s; it is a present sent to my lord ʽEsau; and he himself is behind us.”’ 19  And to the second too, and the third, and all who went behind the droves, he gave the order “You are to speak in this form to ʽEsau when you find him, 20  and to say ‘Your servant Jacob himself is behind us”’; for he thought “I will propitiate him with the present that goes before me, and after that I will face him; perhaps he will favor me.” 21  And the present went over in front, and he spent that night in the camp. 22  And he rose during that night and took his two wives and his two maids and his eleven children and crossed Jabbok Ford. 23  And he took them and sent them across the arroyo, and sent across what he had, 24  and Jacob was left alone. And a man wrestled with him till the dawn came up; 25 * and he saw that he could not do anything with him, and he touched his groin; and Jacob’s groin was sprained in his wrestling with him. 26  And he said “Let me go, because the dawn has come up”; but he said “I will not unless you bless me.” 27  And he said “What is your name?” and he said “Jacob.” 28 * And he said “No longer Jacob shall you be named, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and succeeded.” 29  And Jacob asked “Tell me your name”; but he said “What do you ask my name for?” and blessed him there. 30  And Jacob named the place Penuel, “because I saw God face to face and came off with my life.” 31  And the sun rose on him as he limped over Penuel on his lame thigh. 32  This is why to this day the sons of Israel never eat the nasheh-sinew, which is over the groin, because he touched Jacob’s groin on the nasheh-sinew.


32:2 Mahanaim means Two Camps
32:6 Codd. and is on his way
32:11 Lit. mother on children
32:13 Lit. of what had come in his hand
32:25 Or and Jacob was taken with cramp in the groin
32:28 The name Israel appears to mean Deity struggles or He struggles with Deity. The translation struggles, struggled, is unc.