Genesis 13:1-18

13  And Abram came up out of Egypt, he and his wife and everything that belonged to him, and Lot with him, into the South; 2  and Abram was very rich in stock and silver and gold. 3  And he went by successive stages from the South up to Bethel, to the place where his tent had been to begin with, between Bethel and the Ghai, 4  to the place of the altar he had made there at first; and there Abram invoked Jehovah’s name. 5  And Lot too, who accompanied Abram, had sheep and cows and tents. 6  And the country did not support them living together, because their chattels were numerous, and they could not live together. 7  And there came disputes between the herders of Abram’s stock and of Lot’s; and the Canaanites and Perizzites were living in the country then. 8  And Abram said to Lot “Let us not have anything disputed between you and me, or between my herders and yours, because we are brothers. 9  You have the whole country before you—break away from me: if to the left, I will go to the right; if to the right, I will go to the left.” 10  And Lot raised his eyes and saw all the Pale of the Jordan, how it was all watered land, before Jehovah made away with Sodom and Ghomorrah, like Jehovah’s garden, like Egypt, as you come to Soghar; 11  and Lot chose all the Pale of the Jordan, and Lot moved east. So the brothers broke away from each other: 12  Abram lived in Canaan, and Lot lived in the cities of the Plain and shifted his home clear to Sodom. 13  And the men of Sodom were very wicked sinners against Jehovah. 14  And Jehovah said to Abram after Lot had broken away from him “Raise your eyes and see the place where you are, north and south and east and west: 15  for all the country you see I will give to you and to your descendants forever, 16  and will make your descendants like the dust of the earth, so that if a man can count the dust of the earth, then your descendants too shall be countable. 17  Up, rove through the country lengthwise and crosswise: for I will give it to you.” 18  And Abram shifted his home and came and lived at the Oaks of Mamre at Hebron, and built an altar to Jehovah there.