Genesis 9:1-29

9  And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them “Breed and multiply, and fill the earth; 2  and fear of you, and daunting before you, shall be on all the beasts of the earth and on all the birds of the air and on everything that creeps on the ground and on all the fishes of the sea: into your hands I have given them. 3  All the animals shall be yours for food like the green herbage; I have given you everything; 4  only that you shall not eat flesh with its life, its blood, 5  and only that for your own lifeblood I will call all to account: I will call every beast to account, and men, as to each other, I will call to account for human life. 6 * He who sheds man’s blood shall have his blood shed for the man, because in his image God made man. 7  And for your part breed and multiply, and swarm on earth and increase there.” 8  And God said to Noah, and to his sons with him, 9  “And I for my part establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you, 10  and with all animate life along with you, bird and cattle and every wild beast you have with you of all that have come out of the box, every beast of the earth: 11  I establish my covenant with you, and all flesh shall not again be exterminated by the water of the deluge, nor shall there again be a deluge to make away with the earth.” 12 * And God said “This is the token I am giving of the covenant between me and you and all the animal life you have with you, to the remotest generation: 13  I have put my bow in the clouds, and it shall be the token of a covenant between me and the earth; 14  and when I gather clouds over the earth, the bow will show in the clouds, 15  and I will remember my covenant between myself and you and all animal life in every kind of flesh, and the water shall not again become a deluge to make away with every kind of flesh. 16  And the bow shall be in the clouds, and I shall see it to remember a perpetual covenant between God and all animal life in every kind of flesh on earth.” 17  And God said to Noah “This is the token of the covenant I have established between myself and every kind of flesh on earth.” 18  And Noah’s sons who came out of the box were Shem and Ham and Jepheth, Ham being the father of Canaan. 19  These three were Noah’s sons; and from these all the earth scattered out. 20 * And Farmer Noah planted the first vineyard, 21  and drank some of the wine and got drunk, and exposed his person inside his tent. 22  And Ham, Canaan’s father, saw his father’s nakedness, and told his two brothers outside. 23  And Shem and Jepheth took the blanket on their shoulders and went backward and covered their father’s nakedness, with their faces backward and not seeing their father’s nakedness. 24  And Noah sobered up and found out what his youngest son had done to him, 25 * and said “Cursed be Canaan: he shall be slave of slaves to his brothers.” 26 ** And he said “Blessed be Shem’s God Jehovah, and be Canaan slave to him. 27 *** God widen Jepheth and take up his abode in Shem’s tents, and be Canaan slave to him.” 28  And after the deluge Noah lived three hundred and fifty years; 29  and all Noah’s life was nine hundred and fifty years; and he died.


9:6 Var. for the blood
9:12 Lit. the token of the covenant I am giving between
9:20 Conj. And Noah started as a farmer, and planted a vineyard, and drank
9:25-26 Conj. to omit these two verses except the first two words
9:26 Conj. Jehovah bless Shem’s tents, and
9:26 Or slave to them
9:27 The word translated widen is a rare word spelled the same as Jepheth
9:27 Or Jepheth, and let him take up
9:27 Or [Canaan will be] slave to him