Genesis 6:1-22

6  And when men began to multiply over the soil, and daughters were born to them, 2  the sons of God saw the daughters of men were fine, and they took wives from any that they chose. 3 * And Jehovah said “My spirit shall not be implanted in man forever by their misstep; he is flesh, and his time shall be a hundred and twenty years.” 4  The Nephilim were on earth in those days, and afterward too, when the sons of God went in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them: those were the ancient heroes, the men of fame. 5  And Jehovah saw that men’s wickedness was great on earth, and the whole drift of the thoughts of their minds was purely bad all day long. 6  And Jehovah repented of having made men on earth, and was pained at heart. 7  And Jehovah said “I will obliterate off the soil the men that I created,—men, cattle, reptiles, and birds of the air,—for I am sorry I made them.” 8  But Jehovah liked Noah. 9  This is Noah’s line. Noah was an upright man, living a conscientious life among his contemporaries; Noah used to walk with God; 10  and Noah begot three sons, Shem, Ham, and Jepheth. 11  And the earth grew vicious before God, and the earth grew full of outrage; 12  and God saw the earth and found it vicious, because every kind of flesh had taken to vicious courses on the earth. 13 * And God said to Noah “Every kind of flesh has come to its end before me; for the earth is full of outrage because of them, and here I am going to make away with them, earth and all. 14  Make yourself a gopher-wood box; make the box full of compartments, and coat it with bitumen inside and out. 15 * And this is the size you are to make it: four hundred and fifty feet the length of the box, fifty its width, and thirty its height. 16 * You shall make a gabled roof to the box, and finish it at the top up to eighteen inches; and the door of the box you shall put in its side. You shall make it with first, second, and third stories. 17 * As for me, I am bringing the deluge (water) upon the earth to make away with every kind of flesh under the sky that has the breath of life in it: everything on earth shall perish. 18  But I will make good my covenant with you, and you shall go into the box, you and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you; 19  and of everything living, of every kind of flesh, you shall bring two of each into the box to be kept alive with you; a male and a female they shall be. 20  Of the various kinds of birds and of the various kinds of beasts, and of all the various kinds of ground reptiles, two of each shall come in to you to be kept alive. 21  And on your part get yourself some of every kind of food that is eaten, and stow it with you, so as to have it for your eating and for theirs.” 22  And Noah did it: just as God had ordered him, so he did.


6:3 Unc.; susp.
6:13 Lit. The end of all flesh has come before me.
6:15 Lit. this is what you are to make it
6:16 (up to a cubit) Unc.; susp.
6:17 Lit. to make away from under the sky with all flesh that has