Genesis 27:1-46

27  And when Isaac was old, and his eyes had grown too dim to see, he called his eldest son, ʽEsau, and said to him “Son,” and he said to him “Here I am.” 2  And he said “Here, I have grown old and do not know what day I shall die: 3  now pick up your things, your quiver and your bow, and go out on the range and kill me some game, 4  and make me a dainty dish such as I like and bring it to me and let me eat it, for the sake of having me feel just right for blessing you before I am dead.” 5  And Rebekah heard when Isaac spoke to his son ʽEsau. And ʽEsau went off on the range to kill game for bringing in. 6  And Rebekah said to her son Jacob “Here, I heard your father telling your brother ʽEsau 7  ‘Bring me some game and make me a dainty dish so I may eat it and bless you before I die.’ 8  Now, son, obey my orders: 9  go to the flock and get me two nice kids from there, and I will make them into a dainty dish for your father, such as he likes, 10  and you shall take it in to your father and have him eat, for the sake of having him bless you before he dies.” 11  But Jacob said to his mother Rebekah “There is my brother ʽEsau a hairy man, and I am a smooth man; 12  maybe father will feel of me and take it that I am trying a practical joke on him, and I shall bring a curse on myself and not a blessing.” 13 * But his mother said to him “Your curse be on me, son, only obey me and go fetch me what I want.” 14  And he went and got them and brought them to his mother, and his mother made them into a dainty dish such as his father liked; 15  and Rebekah took her elder son ʽEsau’s best clothes, which she had with her in the house, and dressed her younger son Jacob in them, 16  and clothed his hands and arms and the smooth of his neck with the kids’ skins, 17  and put the dainty dish and the bread she had made in her son Jacob’s hands, and he went in to his father. 18  And he said “Father,” and he said “Here I am; who are you, son?” 19  And Jacob said to his father “I am your eldest son ʽEsau; I have done as you told me; stand up and eat some of my game for the sake of feeling like blessing me.” 20  And Isaac said to his son “How was it you found it so quick, son?” and he said “Because your God Jehovah sent it in my way.” 21  And Isaac said to Jacob “Come here and let me feel of you, son, whether this is you, son ʽEsau, or not.” 22  And Jacob came up to his father Isaac, and he felt of him and said “The voice is Jacob’s, but the arms are ʽEsau’s,” 23  and did not recognize him, because his arms were like his brother ʽEsau’s, hairy; and he blessed him. 24 * And he said “This is you, son ʽEsau,” and he said “Yes.” 25  And he said “Bring it here to me and let me eat some of your game, son, so as to feel like blessing you”; and he brought it to him and he ate, and he brought him wine and he drank. 26  And his father Isaac said to him “Come here and kiss me, son”; 27  and he came up and kissed him, and he smelled the scent of his clothes and blessed him and said “See, my son’s scent is like the scent of a countryside that Jehovah has blessed; 28  and may God give you out of the dew of the sky and out of the richness of the earth, and plenty of grain and grape-juice. 29  Let peoples be subject to you and let folk after folk do reverence to you; be master of your brothers, and let your mother’s sons do reverence to you; be your cursers cursed and your blessers blessed.” 30 * And when Isaac had finished blessing his son Jacob, the next thing was that when Jacob had just gone out from his father Isaac’s presence his brother ʽEsau came in from his hunting, 31  and he too made a dainty dish and brought it in to his father and said to his father “Will father please sit up and eat some of his son’s game for the sake of feeling like blessing me?” 32  And his father Isaac said to him “Who are you?” and he said “I am your eldest son ʽEsau.” 33  And Isaac was in the utmost consternation and said “Then who was it that killed game and brought it in to me and I ate of everything before you had come in, and I blessed him? and blessed he is!” 34  And when ʽEsau heard his father’s words he gave a very loud and bitter cry and said to his father “Bless me too, father!” 35  But he said “Your brother came with trickery and got your blessing.” 36 * But he said “Is it because he was named Jacob that he has jacobed me these two times? he got my seniority, and here he has got my blessing now.” And he said “Have you not any blessing laid by for me?” 37  And Isaac answered ʽEsau “Here I have made him master of you, and given him all his brothers for subjects, and given him support in grain and grape-juice, and what am I to do then for you, son?” 38  And ʽEsau said to his father “Is that the only blessing you have? bless me too, father!” and ʽEsau wept aloud. 39  And his father Isaac answered him “Here, out of the richness of the earth your home shall be, and out of the dew of the sky above; 40  and you shall live by your sword; and you shall be subject to your brother, but when you grow restless you shall tear his yoke off from your neck.” 41  And ʽEsau held a grudge against Jacob on account of the blessing his father had given him; and ʽEsau said to himself “The time of mourning for father is near, and I will kill my brother Jacob.” 42  And Rebekah was told of her son ʽEsau’s words; and she sent and called her younger son Jacob and said to him “Here is your brother ʽEsau going to satisfy his spite against you by killing you. 43  Now obey me, son, and get away to my brother Laban in Harran 44  and stay with him a few days till your brother gets over his temper— 45  till your brother gets over being angry at you and forgets what you did to him, and I send and fetch you from there—why should I be bereaved of you both in one day?” 46  And Rebekah said to Isaac “I am sick of my life because of the Hittite girls; if Jacob marries one of the Hittite girls like these, one of the girls of the country, what would life be worth to me?”


27:13 Lit. obey me and go fetch to me.” And he went
27:24 Or “This is you, son ʽEsau?” and
27:30 (the next thing was) Lit. it was
27:36 Lit. not laid by a blessing for me