Sulani wuoyo kuom joma nonyiso yie kod chir mondik wechegi ei Muma.

Dwoko Penjo mag Muma

Nyasaye nyinge ng’a to ang’o momiyo onego wati gi nyingno?

Ne Gichiwore Giwegi Maonge Achune e Piny Norway

How did an unexpected question lead a family to move where there is a greater need for publishers?

Bed Jachir—Jehova ni Kodi!

You can benefit from the examples of Joshua, Jehoiada, Daniel, and others who displayed faith and courage.

Kik Iwe Gimoro Amora Oketi Mabor gi Jehova

Examine how we can make good choices about work, entertainment, and our family.

Med Sudo Machiegni Gi Jehova

How can we draw close to Jehovah by keeping electronic devices, health, money, and pride in their proper place?

Serving Without Regrets

During his life, the apostle Paul made both terrible mistakes and wise choices. What can we learn from his example?