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Different Temples, Different Lessons

Different Temples, Different Lessons

Ezekiel’s Visionary Temple:

  • Is described by Ezekiel for the Jews exiled in Babylon

  • Has an altar on which many sacrifices are offered

  • Highlights Jehovah’s righteous standards for worship

  • Focuses our attention on the spiritual restoration that began in 1919

The Great Spiritual Temple:

  • Is explained by Paul, addressing the Hebrew Christians

  • Has an altar on which only one sacrifice is offered, “once for all time” (Heb. 10:10)

  • Explains the spiritual reality to which the tabernacle and the physical temples had long pointed​—Jehovah’s arrangement for pure worship based on the ransom sacrifice of Christ

  • Focuses our attention on the work that Christ did as the Greater High Priest from 29 to 33 C.E.