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“It Was My Sanctuary That You Defiled”​—Pure Worship Corrupted

“It Was My Sanctuary That You Defiled”​—Pure Worship Corrupted


FOCUS: Judah and Jerusalem become spiritually and morally corrupt

Jehovah loved and cared for the Israelites as his “treasured possession.” (Ex. 19:5, ftn.) But they repaid Jehovah by worshipping false gods in the very temple that bore his name! They broke Jehovah’s heart and brought reproach upon him. Why did Israel sink so low? What can we learn from Ezekiel’s prophecy about Jerusalem’s destruction? And what lessons can we draw from Israel’s dealings with the surrounding nations?



“See the Evil, Detestable Things That They Are Doing”

Ezekiel observes shocking scenes that reflect the spiritual ruin of the whole nation.


“The End Is Now Upon You”

Ezekiel’s prophetic enactments foretell the expression of Jehovah’s indignation against Jerusalem.


The Nations “Will Have to Know That I Am Jehovah”

The nations that slandered Jehovah’s name and persecuted or corrupted his people would not escape the consequences of their actions. What lessons can we learn from Israel’s dealings with those nations?