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“The Times of Restoration of All Things”

“The Times of Restoration of All Things”

ACTS 3:21

When the apostle Peter mentioned “the times of restoration of all things,” he was speaking prophetically about a marvelous span of time that would begin with Christ’s enthronement as King and continue to the end of the Millennium.

  1. 1914​—Jesus Christ is enthroned as King in heaven. Spiritual restoration of God’s people begins in 1919

    Last Days

  2. ARMAGEDDON​—Christ’s Millennial Reign begins, and “the times of restoration of all things” expands to include physical blessings for faithful humans on earth

    Millennial Reign

  3. END OF MILLENNIUM​—Jesus completes all restoration work and hands the Kingdom over to his Father

    Eternal Paradise


  • glory to the name of God

  • health to the sick

  • youth to the elderly

  • life to the dead

  • perfection to faithful mankind

  • Paradise on earth