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The Allotment of the Land

The Allotment of the Land

The description of the precisely measured boundaries reassured the exiles that their beloved land would definitely be restored. What lessons can we today draw from this vision? Consider two aspects of the vision:

A secure place and a valuable assignment

Each individual among the returned exiles would have an inheritance in the restored Promised Land. Similarly today, the spiritual paradise has a place for all of Jehovah’s servants. No matter how modest our role in the organization may be, we have a secure place and a valuable assignment in the spiritual land. To Jehovah, all his servants are equally precious.

Equal allotments

In Ezekiel’s vision, each territory in the restored Promised Land provided its inhabitants equal access to the bounty of the land. Similarly today, Jehovah has given all his servants equal access to the blessings of the spiritual paradise.