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Sighing and Groaning, Marking, Smashing​—When and How?

Sighing and Groaning, Marking, Smashing​—When and How?

The vision recorded in Ezekiel chapter 9 has a modern-day fulfillment. Our understanding of how events will unfold can help us to face the end of this system of things with confidence

“Sighing and groaning”

WHEN: During the last days, before the great tribulation

HOW: Righthearted individuals show by their words and actions that they detest the wickedness of this world. Such ones respond favorably to the preaching work, continue putting on a Christlike personality, get baptized in symbol of their dedication to Jehovah, and loyally support Christ’s brothers


WHEN: During the great tribulation

HOW: The man with the secretary’s inkhorn represents Jesus Christ when he comes as Judge of all the nations. Those of the great crowd will be favorably judged, or marked, as sheep, thus indicating that they will survive Armageddon


WHEN: At Armageddon

HOW: Jesus Christ and his heavenly armies, which will include the angels and his 144,000 corulers, will utterly destroy this wicked world and deliver pure worshippers into a righteous new world