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A Trickle Becomes a Torrent!

A Trickle Becomes a Torrent!

Ezekiel follows a stream as it trickles from Jehovah’s sanctuary and miraculously becomes a deep torrent in just over a mile! Along the riverbanks, he sees luxuriant trees that offer nourishment and healing. What does it all mean?

The River Brings Blessings

ANCIENT: Once the exiles returned to their homeland, blessings flowed to them as they took part in the restoration of pure worship at the temple

MODERN: In 1919 pure worship was restored, opening the way for an unprecedented flow of spiritual blessings to God’s faithful servants

FUTURE: After Armageddon, the flow of blessings from Jehovah will be physical as well as spiritual in nature

Life-Giving Water

ANCIENT: Jehovah richly blessed his obedient people, even as their numbers increased, making them thrive spiritually

MODERN: In the developing spiritual paradise, ever-growing numbers have benefited from the expanding flow of Jehovah’s spiritual blessings and have come to life in a spiritual sense

FUTURE: Armageddon survivors will be joined by untold millions of resurrected ones, and Jehovah’s blessings will be abundant for all

Trees for Food and Healing

ANCIENT: In a spiritual sense, Jehovah fed his faithful people in their restored land; he also healed them of the spiritual sickness that had long plagued them

MODERN: Ample supplies of spiritual food are helping people to counteract the pervasive spiritual sickness and starvation of today’s world

FUTURE: Christ and his 144,000 corulers will help all obedient mankind to reach perfection and to enjoy health and vitality forever!