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“The Contribution That You Are to Set Apart”

“The Contribution That You Are to Set Apart”


Let us follow Ezekiel as he takes a closer look at the portion of land that Jehovah sets apart. It comprises five areas. What are they? And what purpose do they serve?

A. “The Contribution”

It is for governmental use and is referred to as “the administrative strip.”

EZEK. 48:8

B. “The Whole Contribution”

It is set aside for the priests, the Levites, and the city. Also, individuals from all 12 tribes enter this portion to worship Jehovah and to support the administrative arrangement.

EZEK. 48:20

C. “The Chieftain’s Territory”

“This land will become his possession in Israel.” “It will be for the chieftain.”

EZEK. 45:7, 8; 48:21, 22

D. “The Holy Contribution”

This area is also described as “a holy portion.” The upper section is “for the Levites.” It is “something holy.” The middle section is “the holy contribution for the priests.” It is “a place for their houses and a sacred place for the sanctuary,” or temple.

EZEK. 45:1-5; 48:9-14

E. “The Remaining Area”

“It will belong to all the house of Israel” and “will be for common use of the city, for housing and pasture ground.”

EZEK. 45:6; 48:15-19