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Introduction to Section 3

Introduction to Section 3

In the years following the Flood, the Bible names very few people who served Jehovah. Among those who did serve him was Abraham, who was known as Jehovah’s friend. Why was he called Jehovah’s friend? If you are a parent, help your child to see that Jehovah is interested in him personally and wants to help him. Like Abraham and other faithful men, such as Lot and Jacob, we can freely ask Jehovah for his help. We can be confident that Jehovah will keep every promise that he makes.



The Tower of Babel

Some people decided to build a city and a tower with its top in the heavens. Why did God suddenly make them speak different languages?


Abraham and Sarah Obeyed God

Why Did Abraham and Sarah trade their life in the city for one as wanderers in the land of Canaan?


A Son At Last!

How would God fulfill his promise to Abraham? Which of Abraham’s sons would be involved​—Isaac or Ishmael?


Remember the Wife of Lot

God made it rain fire and sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah. Why were those cities destroyed? Why should we remember the wife of Lot?


A Test of Faith

God told Abraham: ‘Please, take your only son and offer him as a sacrifice on a mountain in Moriah.’ How would Abraham face this test of faith?


Jacob Got the Inheritance

Isaac and Rebekah had twin boys named Esau and Jacob. Because Esau was born first, he was in line for a special inheritance. Why did he give it away for a bowl of stew?


Jacob and Esau Make Peace

How did Jacob receive a blessing from an angel? And how did he make peace with Esau?