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A Promise to Jehovah

A Promise to Jehovah

About two months after leaving Egypt, the Israelites arrived at Mount Sinai and set up camp. Jehovah called to Moses, who went up on the mountain, and told him: ‘I saved the Israelites. If they obey me and keep my laws, they will become my special people.’ Moses went back down and told the Israelites what Jehovah had said. How did they respond? They answered: ‘We will do everything Jehovah tells us to do.’

Moses went up the mountain again. There, Jehovah said: ‘In three days, I will speak to you. Warn the people not to try to come up to Mount Sinai.’ Moses went down and told the Israelites to get ready to hear from Jehovah.

Three days later, the Israelites saw lightning and a dark cloud on the mountain. They also heard loud thunder and the sound of a horn. Then Jehovah came down on the mountain in fire. The Israelites were so afraid that they trembled. The whole mountain shook violently and was covered in smoke. The sound of the horn got louder and louder. And then God said: ‘I am Jehovah. You must not worship any other gods.’

Moses went back up on the mountain, and Jehovah gave him laws for the people about how they should worship Him and how they should behave. Moses wrote down the laws and then read them to the Israelites. They promised: ‘We will do everything Jehovah tells us to do.’ Yes, they made a promise to God. But would they keep it?

“You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.”​—Matthew 22:37