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The Warrior and the Little Girl

The Warrior and the Little Girl

In the land of Syria, there was a little Israelite girl who was far away from her home. She had been taken from her family by the Syrian army, and now she was a servant to the wife of an army chief called Naaman. The little girl worshipped Jehovah, even though the people around her did not.

Naaman had a horrible skin disease, and he was in pain all the time. The little girl really wanted to help him. She told Naaman’s wife: ‘I know someone who can make your husband better. In Israel, there is a prophet of Jehovah named Elisha. He can cure your husband.’

Naaman’s wife told Naaman what the little girl had said. He was willing to try anything, so he went to Elisha’s house in Israel. Naaman expected Elisha to receive him as an important person. But instead of speaking to him personally, Elisha sent his servant to greet Naaman and give him a message: ‘Go and wash yourself seven times in the Jordan River. Then you will be cured.’

Naaman was very disappointed. He said: ‘I thought that this prophet would cure me by calling to his God and waving his hands over me. Instead, he tells me to go to this river in Israel. We have better rivers in Syria. Why can’t I just go there?’ Naaman got angry, and he left Elisha’s house.

Naaman’s servants helped him to think clearly. They said to him: ‘Wouldn’t you do anything to be cured? What this prophet tells you to do is so simple. Why not just do it?’ Naaman listened to them. He went to the Jordan River and plunged into the water seven times. After the seventh time, Naaman came up out of the water completely healed. He was very grateful, and he went back to thank Elisha. Naaman said: ‘Now I know that Jehovah is the true God.’ How do you think the little Israelite girl felt when Naaman came back healed?

“Out of the mouth of children and infants, you have brought forth praise.”​—Matthew 21:16