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Introduction to Section 11

Introduction to Section 11

This section introduces the Christian Greek Scriptures. Jesus was born into a humble family who lived in a small town. He worked with his father, a carpenter. Jesus was the one who would save mankind. Jehovah had selected him as King of the Kingdom of the heavens. If you are a parent, help your child to appreciate how carefully Jehovah selected the family and environment in which Jesus would grow up. Consider how Jehovah protected Jesus from being murdered by Herod and how nothing can stop Jehovah’s purpose. Learn how Jehovah assigned John to prepare the way for Jesus. Emphasize how Jesus demonstrated that even from a young age, he loved Jehovah’s wisdom.



Elizabeth Has a Baby

Why was Elizabeth’s husband told that he would not be able to speak until the baby was born?


Gabriel Visits Mary

He gave her a message that changed her life.


Angels Announce the Birth of Jesus

The shepherds who heard the announcement reacted quickly.


Jehovah Protected Jesus

A wicked king wanted Jesus dead.


Young Jesus

How did he amaze the teachers in the temple?


John Prepares the Way

John grows up to be a prophet. He teaches that the Messiah is coming. How do people react to his message?