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God Made Heaven and Earth

God Made Heaven and Earth

Jehovah God is our Creator. He made everything, both the things we can see and the things we cannot see. Before he made the things we can see, he made many, many angels. Do you know what angels are? Angels are persons that Jehovah made who are like himself. We cannot see them, just as we cannot see God. The first angel Jehovah made became his helper. That angel helped when Jehovah made the stars, the planets, and all other things. One of those planets, the earth, is our beautiful home.

Then Jehovah got the earth ready for animals and humans to live on. He made the sun’s light shine on the earth. He made mountains, oceans, and rivers.

What happened next? Jehovah said: ‘I am going to make grass and plants and trees.’ Many different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers began to grow. Then Jehovah made all the animals​—animals that fly, swim, crawl, and creep. He made small ones, such as rabbits, and large ones, such as elephants. What is your favorite animal?

Then Jehovah said to the first angel: “Let us make man.” Humans would be different from animals. They could invent things. They could speak, laugh, and pray. They would look after the earth and the animals. Do you know who the first man was? Let us see.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”​—Genesis 1:1