Leviticus 7:1-38

7  “And these are the instructions for the indemnity: it is holiest of the holy. 2  In the place where they slaughter the burnt-offering they shall slaughter the indemnity, and one shall throw its blood against the altar on all sides. 3 * And all the fat out of it he shall present, the fat tail and the fat that covers the entrails and all the fat on the entrails 4  and both kidneys and the fat on them, on the loins, and the appendix of the liver, which he shall take off over the kidneys, 5  and the priest shall burn them at the altar as a fire-offering to Jehovah: it is an indemnity. 6  Every male among the priests shall eat it; it shall be eaten in a sacred place; it is holiest of the holy. 7  The indemnity is analogous to the sin-offering; the instructions for them are the same; he who purges with it, his it shall be. 8  And the priest that presents a man’s burnt-offering shall have the skin of the burnt-offering he has presented; his it shall be. 9  And any grain-offering that is baked in a baking-crock and every one done in a batter-pan or on a griddle shall belong to the priest that presents it; his it shall be. 10  And any grain-offering stirred up with oil or dry shall belong to all the sons of Aaron equally. 11  “And these are the instructions for the welfare-sacrifice that one presents to Jehovah: 12 * if he presents it for thanks he shall present with his thank-offering ritual-matzoth shortened with oil and sheet matzoth rubbed over with oil and semolina beaten up with oil. 13 * With ritual-cakes of raised bread he shall present his oblation with his welfare-sacrifice of thanks. 14  And he shall present out of it one of each oblation as a contribution to Jehovah for the priest who throws the blood of the welfare-sacrifice; his it shall be. 15  And the flesh of his welfare-sacrifice of thanks shall be eaten on the day of his oblation; he shall not leave any of it till morning. 16  “And if the sacrifice of his oblation is a vow or a voluntary offering, on the day that he presents his sacrifice it shall be eaten, and on the next day what is left over of it shall be eaten, 17  and what of the flesh of the sacrifice is left over on the third day shall be burned up. 18  And if any of the flesh of his welfare-sacrifice is eaten on the third day the one who presented it will not be accepted; it will not count for its presenter; it will be foul food, and the person who eats any of it will bear his guilt. 19  And the flesh that touches anything unclean shall not be eaten; it shall be burned up. And as for the flesh in general, everyone who is clean shall eat flesh, 20  but the person who eats flesh from Jehovah’s welfare-sacrifice with his uncleanness on him, that person shall be cut off from his kinsfolk. 21  And when a person touches anything unclean, human uncleanness or an unclean beast or any unclean vermin, and eats any of the flesh of Jehovah’s welfare-sacrifice, that person shall be cut off from his kinsfolk.” 22  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 23  “Tell the sons of Israel, Any fat of horned cattle or sheep or goats you shall not eat. 24  And fat of creatures that have died a natural death and of creatures killed by wild beasts shall be used for all kinds of work, but you shall not eat it. 25  For whoever eats fat from the beasts from which they present fire-offerings to Jehovah, the person that eats it shall be cut off from his kinsfolk. 26  And you shall not eat any blood in any of your places of residence, of bird or of beast; 27  whatever person eats any blood, that person shall be cut off from his kinsfolk.” 28  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 29  “Tell the sons of Israel, He who presents his welfare-sacrifice to Jehovah shall bring his oblation to Jehovah out of his welfare-sacrifice. 30  His own hands shall bring Jehovah’s fire-offerings: the fat, which he shall bring on the brisket, and the brisket, to be waved as a wave-offering before Jehovah. 31  And the priest shall burn the fat at the altar, and Aaron and his sons shall have the brisket. 32  And the right leg you shall give as a contribution to the priest out of the welfare-sacrifices. 33  He of the sons of Aaron who presents the blood of the welfare-sacrifice and the fat shall have the right leg as his portion, 34  because the wave-brisket and the contribution-leg I have taken from the sons of Israel out of their welfare-sacrifices, and have given them to Priest Aaron and his sons as a perpetual right from the sons of Israel. 35  This is the endowment of Aaron and of his sons out of Jehovah’s fire-offerings on the day of their being presented to serve as priests to Jehovah, 36  which Jehovah on the day that he anointed them commanded to be given to them from the sons of Israel as a perpetual right generation after generation.” 37  These are the instructions for the burnt-offering and for the grain-offering and for the sin-offering and for the indemnity and for the welfare-sacrifice, 38  which Jehovah enjoined upon Moses on Mount Sinai on the day when he commanded the sons of Israel to present their oblations to Jehovah, in the wilderness of Sinai.


7:3 Var. omits and all the fat on the entrails
7:12 Var. flour beaten up into ritualcakes stirred with oil
7:13 Or On ritual-cakes