Leviticus 6:1-30

6  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, 2  saying “When a person sins and commits an unfaithfulness against Jehovah and misrepresents to his neighbor about a deposit or a trust or stolen goods, 3  or has held out what was due his neighbor or found lost property and misrepresents about it, and swears to a lie as to any one of the wrongful acts a man may commit, 4  when he sins and is liable he shall restore the goods he has stolen or the due he has held out or the deposit that was entrusted to him or the lost property he found, 5  or whatever he swears to a lie about, and pay the principal of it and add one-fifth to it; he shall give it to the one it belongs to on the day of giving his indemnity, 6  and he shall bring his indemnity to Jehovah, a faultless ram of an assessed value for an indemnity, to the priest; 7  and the priest shall purge him before Jehovah, and he shall be forgiven for any one thing he has done so as to become liable by it.” 8  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 9  “Give Aaron and his sons the command ‘These are the instructions for the burnt-offering: it, the burnt-offering, shall be on its fire on the altar all night till morning, and the altar fire shall be kept alight with it. 10 * And the priest shall put on a linen habiliment, and put on linen drawers over his flesh, and take up the ashes to which the fire has reduced the burnt-offering on the altar, and place them beside the altar. 11 * And he shall take off his garments and put on other garments and take the ashes outside the camp to a clean place. 12 * And the altar fire shall be kept alight with it, shall not go out; and the priest shall make the fire up with wood every morning and lay the burnt-offering on it and burn the fat of the welfare-sacrifices on it. 13  A continuous fire shall be kept alight on the altar; it shall not go out. 14  “‘And these are the instructions for the grain-offering: for Aaron’s sons to present it before Jehovah at the front of the altar, 15  and one to take up from it in his clutch some of the farina of the grain-offering and of its oil, and burn it on the altar as a genial odor, the memorial of it to Jehovah. 16  And the remainder of it Aaron and his sons shall eat: it shall be eaten as matzoth in a sacred place, in the court of the Tent of Meeting they shall eat it. 17  It shall not be baked raised: I have given it as their share out of my fire-offerings, it is holiest of the holy like the sin-offering and the indemnity. 18  Every male among the sons of Aaron shall eat it as a perpetual right generation after generation out of Jehovah’s fire-offerings, which anyone who touches is hallowed.’” 19  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 20  “This is the oblation of Aaron and his sons which they are to present to Jehovah on the day of his being anointed: a tenth of a bushel of farina as grain-offering regularly, half in the morning and half in the evening. 21 * It shall be done on a griddle with oil; you shall bring it beaten together; rusks of a crumbled grain-offering you shall present as genial odor to Jehovah. 22  And the priest among his sons who is anointed his successor shall do it as a perpetual institution; it shall be burned entire. 23  And every grain-offering of a priest is an entire offering; it is not to be eaten.” 24  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 25  “Tell Aaron and his sons, These are the instructions for the sin-offering: the sin-offering is to be slaughtered before Jehovah at the place where the burnt-offering is slaughtered; it is holiest of the holy. 26  And the priest who offers it for sin shall eat it; it shall be eaten in a sacred place, in the court of the Tent of Meeting. 27  Anyone who touches the flesh of it shall be hallowed; and when any of the blood of it spirts on a garment the spot it spirts on shall be washed in a sacred place; 28  and an earthen article that it is boiled in shall be broken, and if it has been boiled in a bronze article it shall be scoured and rinsed with water. 29  Every male among the priests shall eat it; it is holiest of the holy. 30  But any sin-offering some of whose blood is brought into the Tent of Meeting to purge in the sanctuary shall not be eaten; it shall be burned up.


6:10 Codd.* put on his brigandine, linen
6:11 Lit. the ashes that the fire has eaten the burnt-offering
6:12 Lit. shall fire up wood on it
6:21 (rusks) Unc.; susp.