Leviticus 22:1-33

22  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 2  “Tell Aaron and his sons to hold aloof from the sacred things of the sons of Israel so as not to profane my holy name, the things they dedicate to me; I am Jehovah. 3  Say to them ‘Generation after generation, every man of your descendants who while he has his uncleanness on him nears the sacred things that the sons of Israel dedicate to Jehovah, that person shall be cut off from before me; I am Jehovah. 4  Any man of Aaron’s descendants who has leprosy or a discharge shall not eat sacred thing till he becomes clean; and he who touches anything unclean by a deceased person, or a man who has an emission of semen, 5  or a man who touches any defiling vermin or defiling human being for any defilement, 6  the person who touches it shall be unclean till evening, and he shall not eat any of the sacred things unless he has bathed his flesh with water; 7 * but when the sun sets he becomes clean, and afterward he shall eat sacred things, because they are his daily bread. 8  Meat from a creature that has died a natural death or been killed by wild beasts he shall not eat, defiling himself with it; I am Jehovah. 9  And they shall keep my charge, that they may not bear sin over it all and die by it because they profane it; I am Jehovah who hallows them. 10  “‘And no outsider shall eat a sacred thing. A priest’s dependent or hired man shall not eat a sacred thing. 11  But when a priest invests his money in buying a person, he shall eat them; and servants born in the family, they shall eat at his meals. 12  And when a priest’s daughter belongs to an outside husband she shall not eat sacred contributions; 13  but when a priest’s daughter is a widow or divorced, and has no issue, and goes back to her father’s house as in her girlhood, she shall eat of her father’s meals, but no outsider shall. 14  And when a man eats a sacred thing by misadventure he shall add a fifth to it and give the priest the sacred thing. 15  And they shall not profane the sacred things of the sons of Israel, what they contribute to Jehovah, 16  and cause them to bear by eating their sacred things a guilt that would call for an indemnity, because I am Jehovah who hallow them.’” 17  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 18  “Tell Aaron and his sons and all the sons of Israel ‘Any man of the house of Israel, or of the immigrants that live among Israel, who presents his oblation for any of their vows or voluntary offerings that they present to Jehovah for burnt-offerings, 19 * for acceptance it shall be faultless, a male, of horned cattle, of sheep, or of goats. 20  Anything that has a fault in it you shall not present, because it would not be acceptable to Jehovah for you. 21  And when a man presents a welfare-sacrifice to Jehovah for a special vow or as a voluntary offering, of horned cattle or small cattle, for acceptance it shall be faultless, not have any fault in it. 22  A blind creature, or one with a broken bone or a cut or warts or scab or an eruption, these you shall not present to Jehovah, nor put a fire-offering of them on Jehovah’s altar. 23  A deformed or stunted animal you may do as a voluntary offering, but it will not be acceptable for a vow; 24  and anything castrated by pressure or pounding or tearing or cutting you shall not present to Jehovah; in your country you shall not do the things, 25  and from a foreigner’s hands you shall not present your God’s food out of any of them, because the mutilation of them is a fault in them: they would not be acceptable for you.”’ 26  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, 27  saying “When bull or sheep or goat is born it shall be under its mother seven days, and from the eighth day on it shall be acceptable for an oblation as fire-offering to Jehovah. 28  And you shall not slaughter in one day a bull or cow or sheep or goat and its offspring. 29 * And when you sacrifice a sacrifice of thanks to Jehovah you shall sacrifice acceptably. 30  It shall be eaten that day; you shall not leave any of it till morning; I am Jehovah. 31  “And you shall keep my commandments and live up to them; I am Jehovah. 32  And you shall not profane my holy name, but my holiness shall be recognized among the sons of Israel; I am Jehovah who hallows you, 33  who brought you out of Egypt to have me for your God; I am Jehovah.


22:7 Lit. are his bread
22:19 Lit. for your acceptance faultless
22:29 Var. shall sacrifice it acceptably