Leviticus 26:1-46

26  “You shall not make yourselves trumpery gods, nor erect for yourselves statue or obelisk, nor put a pictured stone in your country to do reverence on, because I am your God Jehovah. 2  My sabbaths you shall keep and my sanctuary you shall fear; I am Jehovah. 3  “If you go by my usages and keep my commandments and live up to them, 4  I will give you rains at their seasons and the land shall give its growth and the trees of the field shall give their fruit; 5  and you shall have threshing reach to vintage and vintage to seeding, and you shall eat full meals. And you shall live in your country in security, 6 * and I will make all well in the country, and you shall lie down and have no one to alarm you; and I will clean out dangerous beasts from the country, and warfare shall never pass through your country. 7  And you shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall before you in warfare; 8  and five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand, and your enemies shall fall before you in warfare. 9  And I will face toward you and make you prolific and make you numerous, and make good my covenant with you. 10  And you shall eat old stock long stored, and you shall take out old stock to make room for new. 11  And I will put my dwelling among you and take no aversion to you; 12  and I will walk among you, and you shall have me for your God and I will have you for my people. 13  I am your God Jehovah who have brought you out of the Egyptians’ country, from being slaves to them, and broken the bows of your yoke and set you to going erect. 14  “But if you do not listen to me nor live by these commandments of mine, 15  if you repudiate my usages and take an aversion to my laws, not living by my commandments, breaking my covenant, 16  I on my part will do this to you and commit you to consternation, the slow fever and the quick fever, consuming eyes and famishing souls, and you shall sow your seed in vain and your enemies shall eat it. 17  And I will set my face against you and you shall be beaten by your enemies, and those who hate you shall have the upper hand of you, and you shall run without anybody chasing you. 18  “And if so far you do not listen to me I will go on to chastise you seven times over for your sins, 19  and break your pride of might and make your sky like iron and your earth like brass, 20  and your strength shall be exhausted in vain and your land shall not give its growth and the trees of the land shall not give their fruit. 21  “And if you oppose me and will not consent to listen to me I will buffet you more, seven times over for your sins, 22  and will send upon you the wild beasts, and they shall rob you of your children and sweep away your children and thin your numbers, and your roads shall lie desolate. 23  “And if with these things I do not find you disciplined, but you oppose me, 24  I on my part will oppose you and I myself will strike you seven times over for your sins, 25  and bring in against you swords taking vengeance for broken faith, and you shall retreat to your cities, and I will send a pestilence among you and you shall be given into your enemies’ hands, 26 * when I break bread-stocks for you, and ten women shall bake their bread in one baking-crock, and they shall deliver your bread by weight, and you shall eat and not have your hunger satisfied. 27  “And if with this you do not listen to me but oppose me, 28  I will hotly oppose you, I on my part will chastise you seven times over for your sins, 29  and you shall eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters; 30 * and I will wreck your heights and sweep away your hammans and put your corpses on the corpses of your fetishes and hold you in aversion; 31  and I will make your cities ruins and desolate your sanctuaries, and not smell your genial odors; 32  and I will desolate the country, and your enemies who shall live in it shall stand aghast over it; 33  and you I will scatter among the nations and wild bare swords after you, and your country shall be a desolation and your cities shall be ruins. 34 * Then the country shall pay up its sabbaths through all the time of desolation, while you are in your enemies’ country; then the country shall keep sabbath and pay up its sabbaths. 35  All the time of desolation it shall do the sabbath-keeping it had not done in your sabbaths when you lived in it. 36  And as for those among you who are left, I will bring cowardice into their hearts in their enemies’ countries, and the sound of a windblown leaf shall chase them and they shall run like running from swords and fall with nobody chasing them. 37  And each shall stumble on his brother as if before swords, with nobody chasing them; and you shall have no getting on your feet before your enemies. 38  And you shall perish among the foreigners, and your enemies’ country shall eat you up; 39 * and those that are left of you shall molder away in their guilt in your enemies’ countries, and in the guilt of their fathers too with them they shall molder away. 40  And they shall confess their guilt and them fathers’ guilt in the unfaithfulnesses they have committed toward me. And also, as they had opposed me, 41  I on my part will oppose them and bring them into their enemies’ country. In case their uncircumcised heart then humbles itself and they then plead guilty, 42  I will remember my covenant with Jacob, and my covenant with Isaac too and my covenant with Abraham too I will remember, and I will remember the country; 43  and the country shall be left without them, and shall pay up its sabbaths in desolation without them, and they shall plead guilty, forasmuch as they repudiated my laws and held my usages in aversion; 44  but even at that, when they are in their enemies’ country I will not so repudiate them or hold them in aversion as to exterminate them, breaking my covenant with them, because I am their God Jehovah. 45  And I will remember for them the pristine covenant, how I brought them out of Egypt under the eyes of all the nations to have me for their God, I Jehovah.” 46  These are the usages and laws and instructions that Jehovah gave at Mount Sinai by Moses for the relations between him and the sons of Israel.


26:6 Or and I will give peace in the country
26:26 Or bread-sticks
26:30 hammans means perhaps pillars sacred to the sun
26:34 Codd.* the country shall welcome its sabbaths
26:39 Var. their enemies’