Leviticus 19:1-37

19  And Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying 2  “Tell all the congregation of the sons of Israel ‘You are to be holy, because I your God Jehovah am holy. 3  You shall each fear your mother and father, and shall keep my sabbaths; I am your God Jehovah. 4  Do not face toward trumperies nor make yourselves metal gods; I am your God Jehovah. 5  “‘And when you sacrifice a welfare-sacrifice to Jehovah you shall sacrifice acceptably. 6  It shall be eaten on the day of your sacrificing and on the next day, and what is left over to the third day shall be burned up; 7  but if it be eaten on the third day it is foul food, it will not be accepted 8  and the one who eats it shall bear his guilt because he has taken liberties with Jehovah’s sacred things; and that person shall be cut off from his kinsfolk. 9  “‘And when you are reaping the harvest of your country, you shall not finish the margin of your field in reaping nor glean the fallen heads of your harvest, 10  nor go over your vineyard for leavings, nor glean the fallen grapes in your vineyard: you shall leave then for the poverty-stricken and the immigrant; I am your God Jehovah. 11  “‘You shall not steal, nor misrepresent, nor one neighbor lie to another, 12  nor swear by my name to a lie, making free with the name of your God; I am Jehovah. 13  You shall not bilk a man you deal with, nor rob. A hired man’s earnings shall not stay in your hands overnight. 14  You shall not curse a deaf man nor put an obstacle to trip up a blind man, but fear your God; I am Jehovah. 15  “‘You shall not commit fraud in giving a verdict: you shall not favor a poor man nor defer to a big man; you shall judge your neighbor’s case fairly. 16 * You shall not carry scandal among your people; you shall not stand by your fellowman’s blood; I am Jehovah. 17  You shall not hate your brother in your heart: you shall correct your neighbor and not bear a sin over him. 18  You shall not take revenge, nor hold grudges toward the sons of your people, but love your fellowman as yourself; I am Jehovah. 19  “‘You shall keep to my usages. You shall not mate your beasts to a different species; you shall not sow mixed seed; you shall not put on a garment of mixed goods, linsey-woolsey. 20  And when a man lies sexually with a woman who is a bondmaid acquired by a man and has not been bought off nor had her freedom given her, it shall be actionable; they shall not be put to death, because she had not been freed, 21  but he shall bring his indemnity to Jehovah at the door of the Tent of Meeting, an indemnity-ram, 22  and the priest shall purge him before Jehovah with the indemnity-ram for his sin that he has committed, and he shall be forgiven for his sin that he has committed. 23 * “‘And when you come into the country and plant any food tree you shall count out its forecrop (its fruit): three years you shall regard it as in forecrop, it shall not be eaten from, 24  and in the fourth year all its fruit shall be sacred, a handset to Jehovah, 25  and in the fifth year you shall eat its fruit, that it may keep bearing; I am your God Jehovah. 26 * “‘You shall not eat with the blood. You shall not believe in signs nor tell fortunes. 27  You shall not shave the edges of your hair nor crop the sides of your beard, 28  nor shall you make cuts for deceased persons in your flesh nor inscribe tattoo marks on you; I am Jehovah. 29  Do not debase your daughter by making a prostitute of her, that the country may not become unchaste and full of lewdness. 30  “‘You shall keep my sabbaths and fear my sanctuary; I am Jehovah. 31 * Do not consult mediums of any kind, becoming unclean by them; I am your God Jehovah. 32  Before gray hair you shall stand up, and honor an old man’s face, and fear your God; I am Jehovah. 33  “‘And when an immigrant lives with you in your country you shall not make it hard for him. 34  The immigrant that lives with you shall be the same to you as a native of your own stock, and you shall love him as yourself, because you were immigrants in Egypt; I am your God Jehovah. 35 * You shall not commit fraud in verdict, in measure, nor in weight: 36  you shall have honest scales, honest weights, an honest bushel, and an honest gallon; I am your God Jehovah who brought you out of Egypt. 37  And you shall keep all my usages and all my laws, and live up to them; I am Jehovah.’”


19:16 Or stand over Or stand on Or stand against
19:23 Lit. you shall foreskin its foreskin (its fruit):three years it shall be foreskinned for you
19:26 Or over the blood Var. on mountains
19:31 Lit. Do not look toward oboth nor seek for yidde’onim, becoming Codd.* Do not look toward oboth nor yidde’onim; do not seek to become
19:35 Lit. in long and square measure, in weight, and in dry and liquid measure