Jeremiah 47:1-7

47 * About the Philistines: 2  Says Jehovah, Here is water coming up out of the north which will become a washing-out torrent and will wash out earth and all that fills it, city and all those that live in it; and mankind shall cry out, and all that live in the country shall howl, 3  at the sound of the stamping hoofs of his chargers, at the bounding of his chariots, the uproar of his wheels. Fathers do not turn toward their children for nervelessness over 4  the day that is coming to make havoc of all the Philistines, to deprive Tyre and Sidon of every surviving helper; for Jehovah is making havoc of the Philistines, the remnant of the Caphtor coast. 5 ** Baldness has come to Ghaza; Ashkelon is cut off; remnant of ʽAnakites, how long will you be hacking yourselves? 6 * Ah, sword of Jehovah’s, how far will you go and not be quiet? get into your sheath, take a little time off, be still. 7 * How is it to be quiet when Jehovah has given it orders? to Ashkelon and to the seabeach, there he has directed it.


47:1 Var. Jehovah’s word that came to the prophet Jeremiah to the Philistines before the Pharaoh overthrew Ghaza
47:5 Var. is cut off, the remnant of their vale; how long
47:5 Lit. yourself
47:6 Lit. will you not be
47:7 Var. be still; how are you to be still? But Jehovah has ordered it to Ashkelon and to the seabeach, he has made an appointment for it there.