Isaiah 64:1-12

64  O if only you had ripped the heavens apart, that you had come down,+ that on account of you the very mountains had quaked,*+  as when a fire ignites the brushwood, [and] the fire makes the very water boil up, in order to make your name known to your adversaries,+ that on account of you the nations might be agitated!+  When you did fear-inspiring things+ for which we could not hope, you came down. On account of you the mountains themselves quaked.+  And from time long ago none have heard,+ nor have any given ear, nor has an eye itself seen a God,* except you,+ that acts for the one that keeps in expectation of him.+  You have met up with the one exulting and doing righteousness,+ those who keep remembering you in your own ways.+ Look! You yourself became indignant,+ while we kept sinning+—in them a long time, and should we be saved?+  And we become like someone unclean, all of us, and all our acts of righteousness are like a garment for periods of menstruation;+ and we shall fade away like leafage,+ all of us, and our errors themselves* will carry us away just like a wind.+  And there is no one calling upon your name,+ no one rousing himself to lay hold on you; for you have concealed your face from us,+ and you cause us to melt+ by the power of our error.  And now, O Jehovah, you are our Father.+ We are the clay,+ and you are our Potter;*+ and all of us are the work of your hand.+  Do not be indignant, O Jehovah, to the extreme,+ and do not forever remember [our] error.+ Look, now, please: we are all your people.+ 10  Your own holy cities+ have become a wilderness. Zion+ itself has become a sheer wilderness, Jerusalem a desolate waste.+ 11  Our house of holiness and beauty,+ in which our forefathers praised you,+ has itself become something for burning in the fire;+ and every one of our desirable things+ has become a devastation. 12  In the face of these things will you continue keeping yourself in check,+ O Jehovah? Will you stay still and let us be afflicted to the extreme?+


MLXX end chapter 63 here, with this vs as part of vs 19.
“A God.” Heb., ʼElo·himʹ.
“Errors themselves,” 1QIsaTLXXSyVg and 13 Heb. mss; AlCa, Leningrad B 19A and many Heb. mss, “error itself.”
Or, “Former.”